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    Diesel heater fan only

    Yeah i came across that info aswell. You can accomplish the same thing by shorting out the two wires running to the sensor. On mine i found that it cycles the fan (fan on 90% of the time) and no way to control the speed i don’t think
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    Diesel heater fan only

    Yeah all i can do is guess at this point. I feel like it doesn’t take much positive pressure or flow to stop dust from coming in. The restriction from the filter is the biggest variable in my mind. Regardless if i use CDH to keep dust out or not i will be setting up my diesel heater the same...
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    Diesel heater fan only

    I actually just finished taking my Chinese heater apart to see it the motors wires were exposed so i could do just that. I was happy to see its quite easy to do. I was thinking to use a diode to prevent back feeding power to the controller. However i have no idea what to order or if there is the...
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    Diesel heater fan only

    Im wondering if any of the diesel heaters on the market, be it Chinese or planar etc. or aftermarket controllers (afterburner etc) are capable of running the fan without heat? Im wanting to use it for creating positive pressure to keep dust out of my truck canopy (while driving) and possibly...
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    Any cheapo welder reviews/experience?

    Search primeweld. They have a good selection of very affordable machines. They have a REAL warranty and very good customer support. You cant go wrong with it. Ive got the primeweld 225 ac/dc tig and im very tempted to replace my lincoln mig with a prime weld unit. Ive only seen them come on sale...
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    Anyone convert their patio bbq to take camping? Hear me out

    Ive been really happy with my Martin bbq i got off amazon. Its basically a mini fullsize bbq, it even has the 2nd tier warming rack. Build quality is what you would expect at that price point but it gets the job done and plenty of heat...
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    How good can a full-size solid axle suspension be?

    Any progress on this? I follow you on IG, im kinda surprised i havent seen any tech posts about this after stumbling on this 2 year old thread. Not that im knocking you Im a big fan of those GM bumpstops too. I used them on my old toyota build and loved them so went with them on my current...
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    Thinking about dropping the hi-lift

    Lots of comments about having to unload the suspension and jack endlessly. Im surprised no one has mentioned the simple solution of just throwing a chain (or what have you) around axle and frame to limit suspension droop. Only takes a minute or two and its super stable, not jacking everything...
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    GX470 Unsprung weight grenading rear diff

    For what its worth i weighed my 35x10.5R17 Klevers and came up with 68.5 lbs
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    On Board Water systems and Storage

    Why not just run a RV style poly tank mounted under the bed? Thats what im doing on my tacoma build. I should have 50 litres ish. There should be plenty of space under a fullsize for that
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    Yes, it's a basket case. No, I was not on drugs when I built it... (2001 Toyota Tundra 2->4WD Build)

    Im not sure the temperature rating on that line you used coming off the compressor but it gets mighty hot. Hope you considered that