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    2019 Overkill Camper 5 10

    Howdy. Are you able to post additional photos particularly of the rear storage area and the pull out galley? Also, what kind of batteries are you running; do you have solar plug in, DC/DC? Thanks.
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    Off road Popup trailer

    Is this still for sale? If so, do you have any interior photos of the space between the beds? Is it just an empty space or are there storage benches and a table? Thanks.
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    Expedition Ready Vehicle For Sale – Dodge / Lance Combo

    The pdf link does not appear to be working.
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    For Sale - 1992 FJ80 Overland

    I've read about the 3FE and it's "slowness," but without haven driven one, still have trouble grasping what this means. Slow to accelerate? Slow top speed? Or simply slow relative to engines with greater / bigger engines? Also, with your current setup, are you getting about 10-13 mpg or more?
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    FS 1999 Toyota 4runner Highlander Black $8,750

    Were you to keep it, what would need to be done? I'm not thinking about enhancements you'd like to add or special projects, rather, what kind of mechanical / cosmetic repair does it need, now or in the near future? Based on your thorough description and photos, it does not appear to need much...
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    Question for the corpsman...

    Interesting conversation. I too am new to this board. I've been extremely pleased with the level of discourse and the intelligence and tolerance of the contributing members. In an earlier life, I served in the Marine Corps and for the last 10 years have worked as a firefighter and as a...
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    Doc's 05 Tacoma Build Thread

    What a fascinating read! I've been researching Sprinters, 4x4 Sportsmobiles, Jeeps, Tacomas, FJCrusiers, Trailers, RTTs etc. The wife and I have discussed the various advantages of each. Well, I can't wait till she comes home tonight to discuss your labor of love. Would you be insulted if...
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    Expeditions West Old Taco For Sale

    Greetings! New to the forum. Amazing collection. I wish I had learned of this site earlier. You might not have that Tacoma in your driveway!