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    Considering a M1102 for a build - My Tow Vehicle is a 2022 4Runner TRD Pro (Am I Crazy?)

    I’ve got an M101a2 which is quite a bit smaller than the 110x series. I also have a 2022 4Runner. I wouldn’t want to haul anything bigger to be honest. That 4 liter and 5 speed struggles to pull my trailer up Colorado mountain roads for sure. Plus it cuts the already abysmal fuel mileage ALOT...
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    Rivian R1T (pickup) vs. R1S (SUV) for "overlanding"

    My neighbor bought one. They look really good. I’ve watched some YouTube vids and the power tonneau cover seems to be a failure point. The fit and finish seems really nice, BUT it is a 100k dollar vehicle. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    How strong is unistrut?

    I’m not planning on a RTT, but I made a rack for my canoe and some solar panels with unistrut. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    To pintle or not to pintle?

    I don’t mind it. I have a M101 army trailer and just left the pintle and surge brake for simplicity sake. It’s a little loud if you take off suddenly or brake suddenly, as there is some slop in it, between the pintle ring and hitch, but it doesn’t hurt anything. One advantage is less likely for...
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    Advantages of ground tents over camping in your vehicle.

    My setup is a 10 person Turbo Tent. I’m not sure if they are still selling them in the US, but I love this thing. It’s easy to setup by just me, has a little over 6 feet of standing room in the middle section, is well made and stands up to weather way way better than a Coleman or Ozark Trail...
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    2011 Xterra pulling Turtleback expedition - trail performance

    I’ve got an M101a2 and fully loaded with family camping gear, I’d guess it’s 2000-2500 lbs loaded and ready to go. I had a 2012 Xterra Pro-4X with stock tire size no lift, and I now have a new 4Runner, so have some comparison with vehicles towing it. The Xterra was so much better at towing...
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    Collection of Trailer Builds

    a little update to my trailer. I added power to the trailer by installing a 100ah marine battery with a 750w inverter. I installed an external kill switch and 110ac outlet on the outside of the trailer, along with a weatherproof battery monitor. I also built a rack out of super strut so I...
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    M10a2 camping/ utility trailer - what battery do I choose?

    With the battery and inverter inside the trailer (battery in a battery box and inverter inside an ammo can with venting) I don’t want to have to reach inside the trailer to turn things on. I wired in a disconnect switch and installed an outlet on the outside of the trailer. I don’t foresee the...
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    M10a2 camping/ utility trailer - what battery do I choose?

    Thanks for all the feedback guys. Sticking with my theme of low cost solutions in this trailer (originally purchased for $475) I decided to go with a group 24 100ah marine battery from Walmart. Cost me about 85 dollars. I have it hooked up to a 750w inverter. I really don’t foresee having huge...
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    M10a2 camping/ utility trailer - what battery do I choose?

    I’ve been working on my trailer for a while now and planning a trip in a couple weeks with the family. I want to have on board power to run lights at night, charge cell phones, maybe power a small fan in the tent, watch a movie on a laptop. I don’t have a fridge or anything that is going to draw...
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    8x6.5 to 6x5.5 Adapter for M101a2

    Hi, I purchased a new Toyota 4Runner, and while working on my M101 and trying to find a deal on a spare tire for it, I was thinking, I could potentially just get some take-off Toyota wheels/tires on Craigslist, and allow my trailer spare to double as a truck spare. I see they make 8x6.5 to...
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    So I bought a trailer now what should I do?

    It's got a little slop to it, but honestly, it doesn't bother me, I know to expect it, and be gentle on take offs and stops. I believe in keeping things as simple as possible, and not having to hack off the pintle and replace everything, was my simple solution hahah. I think if I was going to...
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    So I bought a trailer now what should I do?

    I’m pulling mine with a 4Runner as well. I’m hauling a comfy camp instead of using the trailer more like a camper. I can still sleep in it if I want but I carry a 20x10 tent, cots, heater, shower, etc etc. so the family and I have a really comfortable camp. I had a guy in Denver make a custom...
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    What makes Toyotas so reliable?

    I just replaced a 2012 Nissan Xterra Pro 4x that met its demise against a young mule deer buck. I was surprised that Progressive decided to total it. Anyways, I ended up replacing the Xterra with a 2021 4Runner Venture. I will say the Toyota definitely feels more “quality” and solid than my...
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    Got a new 4Runner this weekend

    It didnt come with a Cooler, it looks like the Trail edition is the one that comes with that. Mine came with a Yakima roof rack, but the biggest thing I was thinking was the 4 or 5 times that the diff locker in my Xterra got me out of stuff, so thats why I went the Venture, because it has the...
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    New ride to tow my M101a2

    I had to replace my trusty Xterra because I hit a deer last month. I ended up replacing it with a 2021 4Runner that I picked up this past weekend. I hooked up my trailer this afternoon to see how it pulls and to make sure all the connections fit and the chains were the right length. Everything...
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    Got a new 4Runner this weekend

    I’ve only got 77 miles on it so far. My initial impressions are the 4Runner is a smoother, little more refined ride. Still though, a very “familiar” feel. I like that it “tracks” a little better with the longer wheel base. The Xterra can seem a little jumpy on the highway sometimes. The 4Runner...
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    Got a new 4Runner this weekend

    I hit a deer last month and they totaled my Xterra. I was torn between staying with Nissan and buying a Titan, or staying with an off road capable SUV. We went down and test drove a new 4Runner this weekend and I loved it. Ended up buying a 2021 Venture model 4Runner. I’m hoping to have a decode...
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    New to me.

    Savage 110 and 10's are great rifles, especially from the perspective of a hunting "Tool". Probably one of the most accurate out-of-the-box rifles. I have several, and they are all amazing shooters. A higher quality scope really gives you peace of mind, especially in shorter range hunting...
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    Wood Stove versus propane

    I currently have a 10 person TurboTent that we use for family camping and some winter hunting camp setups. I currently have 2 Mr. Heater Buddy tent heaters, and if its been really cold, we've run both of them and its done OK. I have been toying with the idea of modding the tent with a stove...