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    2014 Ford Expedition EL Build

    I'm glad I asked, too! Thanks for the detailed response and the great photos. I really like that the platform has multiple cut-outs to make use of the floor storage. I still have multiple family and friend passengers, so I'm not going to be able to pull the third row like you've done, but...
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    2014 Ford Expedition EL Build

    Awesome to see you following up with more posts. Seems like a lot of the Ford Expedition posters disappear after a short introduction. Can I ask how your drawer system is anchored to the vehicle?
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    2011 Expedition, just a fun vehicle.

    Great looking rig. Can I ask if that sheet of plywood is anchored to the floor? If so, how? Are you still using the floor jack area under there for any storage?
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    2003 F-550 With BigFoot Camper - Tire help

    To me, it feels like the next obvious step would be to hit some truck scales and get a verified set of actual numbers to base your future decisions off of.
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    Recovery boards for hella heavy truck?

    I appreciate your more detailed thoughts--they echo a lot of the conclusions I've come to. I have to say that I also like that they're willing to publish a cold-weather number, which a lot of boards aren't. If I pull the trigger, I'll be sure to leave a report somewhere. Thanks again.
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    Recovery boards for hella heavy truck?

    It's hard to tell from the way this is phrased whether you actually like them or not. I've been thinking a bit about getting a set, so I'd be interested to hear more about your thoughts about the drawbacks. I feel like I don't need the makeshift shovel because if I'm going where I think I might...
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    Smaller/smallest wheels on a QX56 or QX80?

    Hello all, I've recently become very interested in this platform my next vehicle. One thing that really puts me off, however, is how many of them come with 22s. When I look at the usual online retailers, nobody lists a smaller wheel option than the stock 20" size. I want to go smaller than...