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    Soft top designs and easy storage for travel

    I found with my old TJ that carrying the windows wrapped up in an old bedsheet resulted in scratches. Without the bedsheet it was worse. I never found a good solution. Then there is the space issue: they take up a lot of it. I travelled mostly in the southwest so dust was a constant...
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    Combining Portable and Fixed Panels

    Since those two panels are close enough in voltage, you can connect them in parallel. When you want the portable elsewhere just unplug it - it can really be that simple. They don't need to be the same brand, just similar in voltage. The Vmp voltage is what you want to look at - if they are...
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    CJ to TJ what to expect

    I went from a well used (and abused) 2nd hand 76 CJ5 to a brand new 99 TJ. They were more different than similar. 1st gear is a lot lower so you don't need 4 lo as often, the steering is way more precise (it actually goes where you steer it), more power, FAR FAR better brakes, more...
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    Solar panel fuse, where to put it

    No, they don't. From an electrical standpoint it doesn't really matter where the 2 panels are connected together unless you are running small wires and have to really watch voltage drops. As for the solar fuses, I like to put them close to the controller. They only come into play if the...
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    Cold weather improvements

    I think you are right.
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    Power station with equivalent or better 12v outputs than Goal Zero?

    As far as I know Goal Zero is the only one with the Anderson PowerPole output. Most of them have only the ciggy output port for 12V, usually rated for 10A. As you probably know this is a rather poor connector for power and actually running at 10A may well melt it down (it depends on the plug...
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    JK/JL Jeep Camper Concept

    That shop is cleaner than my house!
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    External connectors for a LiFePO4 battery box (anderson, XT-60)?

    On further testing and reviewing what I have, The Ecoflow portable panel had MC4 connectors. I had bought an MC4 to XT60 cable from Amazon and it does NOT have a 3rd pin. I did use it last summer once and I was getting 150W out of my 200W solar panels in Oregon, with the panels laying flat...
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    External connectors for a LiFePO4 battery box (anderson, XT-60)?

    I have an Ecoflow Delta 2 and I believe you are right about that 3rd pin. I have the Ecoflow folding 160W panel and it does have that 3rd pin. The XT60 cables that I bought from Amazon do not. I haven't used that panel yet but now I think I may have a problem if I used my extender cable...
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    SEMA Show 2023

    "...or they just don't think much about design." I think that is true in many cases.
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    Provan Tiger Bengal Thread

    I believe that lower part is aluminum. That should not be hard to pound out to "good enough" and just keep on using it. It also should not be hard to sell as is, these are in high demand.
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    NT 5X8 Aluminum Trailer?

    Looking at the "Features + Benefits" tab, it says 45MPH max towing speed. That would be OK for hauling trash to the landfill, but not for a camper.
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    Ursa Minor Pop-Top Jeep JK

    "What puzzles me is if I check the amperage on the positive solar cable it mirrors the controller amperage. I would think the solar panel current would not be reduced upstream from the controller." The charge current is the current from the solar panel into the battery, through the charge...
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    And now the moment you didn't know you've been waiting for...Atl-Atl's 4x4 Ford E350 RV documentation thread!!

    Those dump hoses are usually in the bumper from the factory, and the rubbing on the steel bumper (which is soon rusty) destroys them. That is why people put those PVC sewer pipes on to hold the hose without it being destroyed. Just a heads up.
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    Jeep Owners…Keep An Eye on This “Death Wobble’ Proposed Settlement

    Like bilIiebob, I have never heard of this happening to a stock Wrangler. I had a 1999 TJ Wrangler for 19 years and about 120K miles. I ran stock wheels with 31" (and later 32") tires and a 2-1/2" lift. I never experienced this death wobble. I have experienced death wobble (as a passenger)...
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    Land Rover ideas for Jeeps

    My understanding is you can pull a 2nd trailer behind a 5th wheel trailer, but not behind a bumper pull trailer. Many western states allow this, I don't know about other parts of the country. What is pictured above would not be legal anywhere in the US as far as I know.
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    Goal Zero to Pigtail

    You can't use the USB outputs to power 12V lights. There are many power stations besides the Sherpa, most of them have 12V outputs. Wire your pigtails to a ciggie plug and you are ready to go.
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    LifePO battery 500-1000 Wh with more versatile 12v x 10a outputs?

    Late to the party here, but Goal Zero has 1000WHr power stations that have an Anderson PowerPole output for 12V. I think they have bigger ones with the PowerPole connection also. That will be much better than the ciggie connectors.
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    Land Rover ideas for Jeeps

    To keep my toilet paper dry I put it in an empty plastic coffee container. Much cheaper, water and dust proof, and sturdy.
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    Fridge Upgrade Recommendation - Cirrus 820

    I was not able to find the size of that fridge, but I found a picture of it. It appears to be a cabinet type fridge. I have a NovaKool in my Lance that has served me well for 7 or 8 years now. It is a 12V compressor cabinet type so it could replace that Norcold directly. Since the Norcold...