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    98 Montero Sport Manual transmission

    Not mine, but I thought someone might be interested if not to restore at least to get the manual swap, has the orange sticker too Hopefully someone saves it!
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    Pajero mk1- build (from POLAND)

    Google translate helps a lot with these posts. Cool Gen 1! Thanks for sharing.
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    Looking for advice…

    I have a 99 with the rear locker and I really like it. I don't do rock crawling so I don't remove sway bars, and with just 33" tires is pretty capable off-road for what I do and rides very good on road as well. I do like daily driving mine. Good luck!
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    Montero Hardstart

    Sorry I haven't checked back in a bit There it is last post at the bottom
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    Monty sqareo build thread

    Congratulations! Post some pictures man!
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    Montero Hardstart

    Did you ever do the re-calibration or whatever it is the correct term for learning the fuel trim after removing the battery for a while?
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    Montero/Pajero 3.2DiD High Output Alternator (200+amps) Needed

    Unfortunately we didn't get the diesel engine here in the US, but if you have access to a junk yard, or if you can look it up online and if the part number is the same and/or the mounting bracket is the same, you should be good to go buy a petrol/gasoline 200 amp alternator online. Here in the...
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    What's gonna leave me stranded?

    The price of gas will leave you jk man sounds like you have a squared away ride to do what you normally do, you can carry a spare ICM and spare starter as mentioned above, just make sure you also carry the tools required for replacing them on the go.
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    Building 1997 Toyota T100 4x4 into my adventure rig

    Looking good! When I used to own a 96 T100 I loved everything about it, the one thing that dawned on me after selling it was that I should have tried fitting land cruiser solid axles (including all front suspension) as I think they would have been a perfect fit and easy locked solution...too bad...
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    Parts from Russia

    Really? SMH
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    Gen 2/2.5 Pajero/Montero Front Ball Joint Flip - Good or bad?

    Man a few people already mentioned why it's a bad idea on this specific platform, I have not read a single one explaining how it is a good thing to do on our specific vehicles with the type of IFS, and while I don't know Charlie on a personal level reading his build thread and seeing some of his...
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    Killed another water pump, less than 1500 miles on it

    Wow that sucks Big time. My Monty is leaking at the pump too, but I didn't replace that o-ring...smh I gotta do it in the spring now
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    Manual Swap For Sale

    Where are you located?
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    Monteros on craigslist

    I wish I would have logged in yesterday and I would have bid on it. Oh well, yes not a fan of the color, but I would have taken the bumper and other goodies. I don't know what was the final price anyway.
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    Replacement Exhaust and Catalytic Converter Options on 1998 gen 2.5 SOHC

    Here in the states look for an exhaust shop, they should be able to help you with aftermarket catalytic converters that will pass emissions and last you some good years without breaking the bank too bad, now if you want the exhaust re-made or custom made, that's where it starts getting expensive.
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    Pajero Mk2 SWB MIVEC Build

    Maybe gen 2.5 bumper end caps that have the fog lights built in and then just replace factory fog lights with better aftermarket units that fit?
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    WTB - Raider manual transmission skid plate

    It might be easier (as far as getting one) to make your own. Or check out good luck man!
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    98 Gen 2.5, where to get radiator

    I don't have Facebook...oh well mine still works I just keep adding solder over pinholes lol
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    98 Gen 2.5, where to get radiator

    Who is Leo or where did he post? I haven't seen another thread here.
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    98 Gen 2.5, where to get radiator

    If you are in a big city you might be easier to take your busted one to a radiator shop one of those that work on 18 wheelers and have them make you one. That'll be my next step when the soldered patch I did to mine starts leaking again.