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    Hydraulic vs. Air Ride Suspension (ie. Liquid Spring vs. Kelderman)

    I have had my 4 link Kelderman for 3 years and 31K miles now. I also did the front at the same time. Night and day difference in ride when empty. Much much better riding when loaded also. ZERO issues to date. Not cheap, but I love it. Levelling at camp site is awesome. Lowering truck...
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    What Happened to KennyJ's thread?

    I hope He is doing well and still traveling. I really wish we could all get an update.
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    EOG 550 Loki v Earthroamer

    I currently have a 45ft DP flat towing a JL Rubicon. I also have a Ram 5500 with full kelderman air suspension on it with a Host 10.5 cascade TC. I use both for different trips. I agree ER's are over rated. I think your going to miss the space your DP provides. I would think long and...
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    Enduro SuperTourer

    Looks nice. Web site says 60-80K complete. On your truck of course. Love the look.
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    Who takes their Host Mammoth (and similar Lance, Eagle Cap etc) up bad roads?

    I have been doing that since 2017. First was a Host mammoth on a Ram 3500, then put in on a Ram 5500. Sold that, went Host cascade on new Ram 5500. Wife liked the bath in cascade better. My house is on a road that is like the one in the video. I have lived in the country all my life...
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    How do you rate these roads for difficulty w/hard side TC?

    Buy whatever camper and truck you want. then flat tow a JLR behind it. It will go where you want in stock form. It works for me. I use both campers, but for different trips. Tow the JLR with both. I'm in the big one right now in Myrtle Beach.
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    StoryTeller Overland buys GXV

    I was at their booth at the Tamps show. I didn't ask any hard questions though. Fun to look around.
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    Ram 5500 super single options

    I have 20K miles on my 21 Ram 5500 now. I kept the duals. I have a mix of highway, dirt and gravel roads, snow and just plain mud. I'm happy with them. I did order the upgraded more aggressive tread 19.5's. Not every tire is best in every condition, but these work for me. I also like not...
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    Compact truck camper prototype

    Very nice!! Congrats
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    Compact truck camper prototype

    How is it held in?
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    Did you finance your truck camper purchase?

    Anyone who financed a year ago prob got a great rate compared to today. Interesting thread with all the things that have changed in the last 18 months. Interest and inflation being 2 of the biggest.
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    Global Expedition Vehicles Adventure Truck

    Which is why I went with a Host cab over on a 5500 chassis.
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    Rear sway bar who's using them?

    My 2021 Ram 5500 has a big one and I love it.
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    What Happened to KennyJ's thread?

    His was my favorite......I miss it.
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    Flat Bed pictures

    CM SK bed with 1 3ft and 1 2ft box on each side Host camper fits perfect.
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    Delta MKII from BF Campers in Canada.

    More inside shots of bed up and how you access it please. Love it!!
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    Watches.......the other type!

    I bought my Rolex Submariner 24 years ago. $2300. It stays on no matter what I'm doing. I sent it in for service once. Came back looking like new. It barely survived my motorcycle accident. Sent it in then also. Came back like new but it should have for the 6K price. My ins covered it...
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    Anyone boon-docking a Lance 650?

    I have been running RV fridges on propane for decades. My current Host ran my fridge and my furnace and stove for 40 days on one 7.5 gal tank. I have 2. Of course the fridge was on all the time, not the stove or furnace. But both were used many times. FWIW
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    2022 RAM 5500 Composite "Super Camper"

    Looking good!!!!