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    Sedole's Gen 1 SWB

    Looking good. Glad you're back in the Mitsubishi game. I was sad to see you sold your Gen3. You last thread is a wealth of info for DIY Gen3 upgrades.
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    Gen3 Montero replacing both headlights - tips?

    1) Pop the hood. 2) One bolt on the top of the headlight is easily visible and removeable. 3) Remove the grille which is held in by a few clips. You can release the clips with a flat head screw driver from the top of the grille. A bit difficult to explain but just push the tail end of the clip...
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    Sedole's Gen 3 - the Iron Hog

    Big changes. Good choice on the Touareg. I've owned a 2011 Touareg TDI (bought back for dieselgate) and a 2013 Touareg TDI and loved both of them. Towed a race car to and from race tracks all over CA multiple times without issue and even towed a car back from MN on a 56 hour, non-stop, trip...
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    Sedole's Gen 3 - the Iron Hog

    Where did you find the metal spaces? I'm running plastic spacers from a place in the UK as I couldn't find any metal at the time. Also running Toyota wheels. Rig is looking good. I had mine up in Mammoth last weekend as well. Very pleased with the handling of the 3rd Gen Montero in the snow...