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    2005 Tundra novice build - "The Rez"

    Im currently running Kenda Klever RT 35x10.50r17 no complaints yet But i also dont do rock climbing so i can give my experience on them in that aspect.
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    2005 Tundra novice build - "The Rez"

    have you thought of painting the bed sides black? Also have you thought of doing skinny 35s? 35x10.50
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    2005 Tundra novice build - "The Rez"

    Make some storage boxes in between the rear wheels and cab , weld them to the bed. Also you can rhino line the bed black to make it match the original black color. To be honest is looks great and if you add accessories to the sides it will look even better.
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    2005 Tundra novice build - "The Rez"

    come take a road trip to Florida in the tundra haha
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    2005 Tundra novice build - "The Rez"

    I have a black double cab bed for sale in florida, i could let it go for a low price if you can find a way to ship it to you.
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    Leibbrand's 06 DC Limited Tundra Build

    sad to see you are selling it, such a bad a** build.
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    "Old Ordinary" 2005 4Runner Build

    i love this 4runner generation! cant wait to see what you do.
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    2007 Sequoia...aka The BigTree

    looks awesome bro im going to be in the market for a sequoia 4x4 by the end of the year, need a safe baby hauler tank!