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    Cover for full-size truck WITH attached flatbed pop-up camper

    For my 3/4 ton truck and Hallmark popup camper, which is 21 feet long, I use a class be cover. It's made or Sprinter vans but works great for my setup.
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    Composting Toilet Tips and Tricks

    Recently installed the Ogo toilet. Because of the small space I have to work with in my Hallmark camper it was the only one that fit. After the first month of use we're happy with it. Emptying the pee bottle and solids container is easy. So far I'm using coconut coir with no problems.
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    Any pop-top truck campers with sitting room inside WHILE the top is down?

    Hallmark campers have room to sit at the dinette with the top down. When traveling we regularly stop and make/eat lunch without raising the top.
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    WTB: Hallmark Guanella or Build Spot

    Last spring I was also searching for a Hallmark. At that time Hallmark had a used K2 on the lot which I went to look at. While there I found out that they had a cancelled order for Guanelle which was a month from being finished. I opted to buy that Guanella and have been enjoying it immensely...
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    Who insures your truck camper?

    we use: Foremost Insurance Co, PO Box 2450, Grand Rapids MI 49501
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    Seat covers

    I have some from in both of my vehicles. Comfortable, durable, and easy to clean but a little pricy.
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    New Camper Hauler

    Nice rig! What weight capacity tire/wheel are you using?
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    Point & Shoot Cameras

    Thanks for the replies. A better case is a good suggestion as is being kinder to my devices... Ordered a Nikon A900 today that fits my zoom and price goals. We'll see how long it lasts.
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    Point & Shoot Cameras

    My small Cannon PowerShot camera has failed for the second time in a year. Both times it was in a leather case and in a backpack but the bumps and knocks of hiking and off roading took out the the rear display. The first time I sent it in to Cannon expecting a warrantied repair, but they...
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    Looking at white Sparrows and just saw your ad, is it still available?

    Looking at white Sparrows and just saw your ad, is it still available?
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    WTB RoofNest Sparrow RTT

    Hello, Anyone in or near Colorado rethinking their resent RoofNest purchase? Within the next week or so I will be ordering a new white Sparrow model unless a nice used one appears. Usually that's what happens right after I buy a big ticket item so I thought I'd ask first this time :)...