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    Looks like a nice rig! Good luck with the sale!
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    *SOLD* 4WD 2002 Ford E350 7.3L Super Duty Ambulance Conversion to Camper (4 Season!)

    I see the van didn't meet your reserve on the BaT auction, so what is your selling price now?
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    2006 4WD Tiger Chevrolet diesel XXXSOLDXXX

    Hey Scott, Mike here! I sold this to you back in 2020! Kind of miss the nice all in one compact size these Tigers offer. Hell, I may be interested in buying it back.
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    Ford 4x4 Creger

  5. MTAA

    Ford 4x4 Creger

    I'm still looking and interested in finding one.
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    1994 International 4x4 RV Mechanical DT466 w/Allison 2400W solar $110k

    I will end up starting a thread on this rig as I finally think I found the "one" for me!
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    1994 International 4x4 RV Mechanical DT466 w/Allison 2400W solar $110k

    I was in contact with the owner the day he listed it on CL. Tons of back and forth questions. Then flew up over this past weekend went through the rig and ended up purchasing it. It is one stout RV! Couldn't be happier. There is tons more to it than was listed in the ad. Drove it from WI...
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    2001 ISUZU NPR HD 4500 FOR SALE $29000

    Looks like a pretty good deal for someone. Not 4x4 however. Not mine: PopsRV - 2001 Isuzu NPR HD 4500
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    What are the exterior and interior dimensions of the rig? How does it handle on the road? You mentioned not slow, but what is the comfortable top highway speed? Very Unique and liking it!
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    2000 Ford Sportsmobile RB Agile 4x4 Loaded

    Do you still have the pieces for the Full-length top bed? And is there a toilet?
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    Ford 4x4 Creger

    Yup, but that web site just pulls old listing I think to get email and contact info.
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    4X4 02 7.3 PSD E350 Hightop Campervan 75,000 obo

    How deep is the tread on the tires?
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    RAM 5500 4x4 Camper Truck SOLD

    So couch is a sleeper sofa, correct? Looks like it can not be removed from the rig without deconstructing the sofa? Is there a trailer hitch in the rear? If so weight capacity?
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    Ford 4x4 Creger

    Hey just thought I'd throw this out there to see if anyone has one or knows of one around for sale. I almost bought one years ago but a buyer got to it first in Colorado. I want it as a project to customize and work on. Thanks!
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    Still have your Creger?

    Still have your Creger?
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    Mitsubishi Fuso 4X4 2013 Camper. ***Price drop***

    Maybe I missed it, but what are the overall dimensions? And there is no camper Air Conditioning , correct? Spare tire is carried where? No Shower or Toliet? Thanks!