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    Micro four thirds

    Something like 90+% of folks view photos on their phones, tablets, or computer screens. 99% of those photos viewed are in a heavily compressed format. Micro four thirds, full frame, or iPhone … it will make zero difference to the viewer. All to say … use any camera that feels good in your...
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    Making Water Potable with Bleach

    If your chlorinated water is kept in a full, completely sealed, completely opaque container, it can last up to six months or longer. Because Recreational Vehicles water tanks are vented, those tanks contain copious amounts of air, and therefore won't meet the "completely sealed" requirement...
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    Has anyone tried the Z Grills 200A Pro or Traeger Ranger portable pellet grills?

    Do you ever get any backfires through the screw with your Ranger? I went to my local dealer to purchase a Ranger a couple of years ago, and he talked me into a Tailgater due to the fact that (according to him) the Ranger frequently had backfires due to the very short length of the pellet screw...
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    Howl Campfire

    Very well thought out engineering ... BUT ... it's US$1300.00, translating to CDN$1800.00. I'm not sure how to comprehend that price, especially in the world of the very similar $250.00 Firecan type of product. I've been known to be frequently guilty of purchasing expensive "Overland" branded...
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    Making Water Potable with Bleach

    Technology has come a ways beyond adding regular laundry bleach to your drinking water. Dissolved chlorine is typically what your local water supply folks add to the drinking water for a city water system. For travellers and overlanders, and using only salt, this small device generates that pure...
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    Cooler test

    Bad practice to store your cooler inside your vehicle in bear country! An all too common misconception is that the bear-proof cooler requirements in places like Yosemite and similar parks are for “you” in order to preserve your food, when they’re really intended to prevent the bear from...
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    10L "Jerry can", 11L Dometic "Go Hydration" or Rotopax for water?

    If your city chlorinates the water, rule of thumb is that it‘s “good” for drinking for approximately six months in a completely sealed container. If you use a portable salt chlorinator, you can keep re-chlorinating your stored water and stretch it out indefinitely, although things like changing...
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    Diesel Heater Ducting? What to use?

    Look up Flexadux P2
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    10L "Jerry can", 11L Dometic "Go Hydration" or Rotopax for water?

    I've long used a couple of blue 20L Sceptre's, along with the beige 10L Sceptre as an "emergency" back-up ... but I'm very impressed with the entire Dometic Go water system infrastructure ... robust and easily cleanable container, internal USB power bank powered faucet, magnetic faucet holders...
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    Cook Partner stove FAQ / Master thread

    To each their own ... but I think it's just common sense that additional crap riveted inside your stove will somewhat compromise the otherwise incredibly easy cleaning procedure, as well as expose one to another potential failure point down the road.
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    Cook Partner stove FAQ / Master thread

    I contemplated the piezo modification, but then recalled that every single BBQ I've ever owned (with piezo starter) had that piezo completely fail at some point, and for a variety of reasons ... so I stuck with the simple extended butane lighter ... which as you note, works every time!
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    Pop-Top Warps and Twists When Loaded in Truck Bed

    The premium you pay for a dedicated off-road camper buys you frame construction methods that aren't present in a Palamino. It's been my experience that older campers with these kinds of issues simply have twisted (or loose) frames.
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    What's your favourite frying pan? Market Research

    I prefer Lodge cast iron for bacon, sausages and the like, and a decent non-stick for eggs. I like my eggs very specifically cooked, and not scrapped around a pan such that they're a total mess when they're served. Maybe it's just me, but I'm not at all partial to eating eggs out of a cast iron...
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    Why disposable kitchen ware?

    Self sufficiency is a hallmark of overlanding and expeditions, and it doesn't seem to speak to using disposable paper and plastic products, which by their very nature will "run out" at some point, causing somewhat of a mess in the process. Personally, I don't see any room for disposable food...
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    Stronger tarp than Kelty Noah?

    Best tarps available IMO are Aquaquest tarps: I have no affiliation, I suggest the Defender tarp for vehicle use. Aquaquest are headquartered on Vancouver Island, and their tarps are designed to accommodate the kind of rain we get here in the Pacific Northwest.
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    Cook Partner Stove Owners Chime In!

    No need for gold, as even in aluminum, when you handle a Cook Partner you can see the total value of the dollars spent in the quality, fit, and finish of the stove. Folks who own these won't debate that they're expensive to purchase ... but nobody I know who owns a Partner Stove has anything...
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    Cook Partner Stove Owners Chime In!

    Stoves are aluminum. I don‘t recall them ever being stainless. You can optionally get some stainless accessories though … like their kettle, intended for direct placement into the campfire.
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    Propex HS2000

    I fought for quite a while trying to remedy error codes for my HS2000 "in a toolbox" ... and then I purchased a Manometer, and set the bar levels to exactly what Propex requires in their manual, after which all the error codes simply vanished. IMO, and based on experience ... (and accepting...
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    Cook Partner Stove Owners Chime In!

    There's nothing around at any price that will even come close to a Partner Stove. If you are familiar with welding slang, you may have heard the term "stack of dimes" ... which is definitely what the welds on a Partner look like. If you own a Partner Stove, you already understand ... and if you...
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    Cook Partner stove FAQ / Master thread

    The tolerances on a propane stove (or BBQ) are extremely loose … so just bend it. It’s just a roughly bent tube, no big deal to bend it as required for a good fit.