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    Has Anyone Mounted A Flex Solar Panel to Rooftop Cargo Box? Sale going on now with some of their panels. I have been using their 100W suitcase panel as an auxiliary to my fixed roof panels, I plug it into a side port I installed that connects through my on board solar controller. Don’t have experience with any flex panels...
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    Been running the Goodyear Duratrac on our heavy E350 4X4 built rig for years, on my 4th set now after running Toyo and BFG’s, 315’s in E. Live in CO and been in conditions everywhere on/off road from AK to Baja Getting great wear, solid on highway, fairly quiet for a high block, hybrid A/T. Been...
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    Need opinions on '03 Toyota Sequoia for sale

    It sounds like it might check all your boxes, high mileage but well cared for. We had one from the same era, it was a great big beast and did everything we asked, towed pretty well, super reliable, but that iforce V8 certainly is thirsty! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Quality Off-Road Lighting for F350

    This….. I’m looking at getting the XL-R pro in clear driving/combo pattern for driving lights and XL-Sport in amber wide cornering for fogs. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    E-350 Cutaway with Total Composites Box

    Looking great, without digging too far into TC options, I’m curious if you know if they offer a cab over version that’ll fit on the cutaway. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    RexRover... another 1/2 ton based big luxury overland camper rig (F150) for $350k

    Right, I’m not sure it’s a surprise that the Tacoma will be following the Tundra formula as far as suspension and drivetrain goes. It’s more to do with the fact that Truckhouse engineered an entire upgrade to the current generation chassis and suspension to be able to load and haul their...
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    RexRover... another 1/2 ton based big luxury overland camper rig (F150) for $350k

    Several reasons, yes, one being visibility but also for overall length and front end approach angle for off road, you can’t beat that short front overhang of the E-series when tackling obstacles, and still be on a 1 ton chassis. I like the fact that with the van based chassis you can...
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    What's your favourite frying pan? Market Research

    Love anything cast iron, never leave home without one. I also got a Magma non stick nesting set, great build quality, compact and held up really well, super durable. Got mine with the strainer, pads and case. MAGMA Products, A10-362-IND 7 Piece Induction Cook-Top Gourmet Nesting Stainless...
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    RexRover... another 1/2 ton based big luxury overland camper rig (F150) for $350k

    I think this RexRover will fit the bill for a lot of people, I am assuming they went with the supercab configuration because it gives the highest payload option. I haven’t checked out a supercab lately, but with gear, dogs and a kid or the occasional passenger or 2, the quadcab would seem a...
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    1975 F250 Highboy Crewcab 4x4 Project

    Love these highboy Fords too, here’s a local (to me) CL ad, seems that he’s got a few parts including some engines along with complete rigs to go. One of these days I’d love to own one, nothin wrong in my book with restomods or dropping in some modern tech or muscle. Ford Highboy and f100...
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    Tundra vs metal post. Advice needed

    Time to turn it into a flatbed….. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Improving headlight options.

    ….and this is for what vehicle? Besides any improvement/replacement of oem headlights, are you running any auxiliary lights? Baja designs makes a great light, they have a driving combo and fog option lenses that are interchangeable, I’d consider doing a set of both to supplement headlights...
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    Trailer setup - Solar Gen or dedicated battery

    While they do have their place and are nice and compact, the problem with some of these all in one units is that they are built to a price point, and when one component fails, the whole thing becomes an expensive paper weight. If it fits the bill, give it a go, see if it works for your needs...
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    Trailer setup - Solar Gen or dedicated battery

    I’ve always gone with a good quality 12v sealed AGM over a regular lead acid battery, look at Lifeline or Odyssey, I’ve had good luck with the Duracell branded East Penn/Deka AGM’s found at batteries+ As far as an inverter, not a necessity but nice to have if you ever want the option to charge a...
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    Please recommend a vehicle to tow

    Land Cruiser…… Otherwise, if you’re stuck on getting another truck, will you be replacing the Gladiator? If so, look at the Tremor package on the F150, certainly over the Raptor for payload and towing capacity, especially if you end up going with a bigger trailer in the future. Sent from my...
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    Who's building the best 3/4 Ton/ 1 Ton Gas Truck these days!

    Ohh, another Ram vs Ford vs Chevy thread. Your thread title suggests you are more familiar with the Ram offerings, nothing wrong with that, but I would go with the Ford 7.3 Godzilla gasser option myself. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Trailer setup - Solar Gen or dedicated battery

    I may be missing what you’re after, but I’d go with a dedicated battery and either a mounted solar panel or a portable suitcase solar panel, you can get these portable suitcase panels with or without a built in charge controller. I have a Renogy hard side 100W suitcase panel without controller...
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    JCliftonB's Full-Size Overland/Adventure Build

    Nice truck, other than routine maintenance and taking a look at all the fluids to top off, flush or change, including coolant, oil, front/rear diff, transmission and brake. Have a shop take a look at any wear parts and replace or upgrade as needed- Brakes Shocks UJoints Ball joints Tie rod...
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    Thinking of buying a Winnebago Revel van. Talk me out of it?

    Personally, I’d recommend you take a look at upfitters that build off the Ford Transit platform over a Sprinter. Nothing against diesels, or really Sprinters for that matter, I’m a long time owner of a 7.3L diesel E350 4X4 converted rig, I just rarely recommend diesel vehicles to someone that...
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    E-350 Cutaway with Total Composites Box

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing, following with interest. Those guys are doing a great job, nice work! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk