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    Cook Partner stove FAQ / Master thread

    I guess if you did a hamfisted job of it, it may not work or look so good. I did the mod never intending for it to be the sole way to light the stove, but another way that is very handy and makes the stove more usable.
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    Lightest Camping Wood Stoves?

    Yes 'adding mass' helps. Mine is built to sit very low (where you sleep assuming you're on a pad).. also get more space between stove and tent wall. In loamy or sandy soils, you can push the soil up and around the bottom/sides to get some insulation and keep the wood burning longer and get...
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    Lightest Camping Wood Stoves?

    Most of those ultralite stoves suck in practice. Too small, have to feed them little popsicle stick pieces of wood.... they burn so hot and then immediatelyt die cold cuz there's no mass and you cant get any decent size wood in them. Doors don't seal, so they smoke. Your better off just putting...
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    2022 Four Wheel Camper Project M (Fits 2019+ F250) $15k

    There's not much wait list on these now. Times have changed.
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    Another FWC in the wind thread... whats the Flap Factor on a FWC?

    Finally got some nights in the wind with the camper. Pleasantly surprised with how solid and quiet it was. The buckles banging on the sides was more of a noise issue than the pop up.
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    Water Storage in the Desert

    2 gallons a day for washing is...... excessive.
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    12v power for Project M (and others) with Dewalt batteries

    Maybe this has been covered.. We have a minimally wired Project M... just the 4 interior led strips, no hookup to truck battery or solar. You can get a converter off ebay that puts out 12v and has two usb ports for phone charging and works off a Dewalt 20v battery (and probably others). These...
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    Grilling fail

    Funny enough that's really the only reason I ever got a Partner stove..tired of my old stove sailing off the table.
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    Wedge Camper Safety?

    They don't need to both fail at the same time.. one can get compromised over time..maybe both. Big wind gust. Not likely I'll get in accident taking my kid to school this morning, but I'm wearing my seat belt anyways.
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    Wedge Camper Safety?

    Yes struts work like new allll the time. They never get compromised over time... or with weather... or...?
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    Topo Toppers

    Next step in the evolution is to figure out it's even nicer if its wider up top ie the camper is not contoured to the cab, which takes you full circle lol.
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    1st Gen Tundra Owners Weigh In (Over GVWR?)

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    1st Gen Tundra Owners Weigh In (Over GVWR?)

    That gets to the heart of it. When you start modifying a vehicle's suspension and hauling more than its designed for, things can happen.
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    1st Gen Tundra Owners Weigh In (Over GVWR?)

    My bad.. our ... DC was an '06.. I edited previous post. The terrifying part was having the traction control come on on a dry twisty hwy for no reason. That was an issue probably unique to that truck. I'd say 1k lbs is about max.. which is why I would never put a camper on as you are at that #...
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    1st Gen Tundra Owners Weigh In (Over GVWR?)

    There's a lot of info here and other places about Tundras and weight. I would keep it very minimalist.. like a topper and your stuff, or get a different truck. I wouldn't want to do a custom camper and then have it married to a Tundra. Maybe if you could put it on something else down the road...
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    1st Gen Tundra Owners Weigh In (Over GVWR?)

    We had an 06 DC for a number of years and did a lot of family camping and wheeling in it. We just had a tall topper and a kinda heavy sleeping platform/drawer setup. With gear, even with airbags, it was pushing it. The front end felt light, the traction control system would kick in out of the...
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    Overland Explorer Vehicles (OEV) BASE-CAMP Pickup Camper - Soft-Wall and Hard-Wall Versions

    Is there a hard side model? I looked at the site and could not figure it out. A short concise explanation of each model and pics of them down/up at the front page would be good. "Model blah blah blah, full size, slide in,soft side" etc.
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    How did Voyagers/HBC Outfitters do it?

    Voayageurs hit the wall too. John Jacob Astor's overland party had a number of voyageurs some of which either died, or were never heard from again. There were reports/suspicion of cannibalism. This was in the country of Hells Canyon of the Snake heading towards the Columbia.. Blue Mtn area in...