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    Water purification, LED UV, specifics....

    I think you can get individual fittings from Grainger, but it may be cheaper to buy larger quantities and have a few extras on hand.
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    Water purification, LED UV, specifics....

    If you don't mind the price, Colder fittings are about as good as they get. The cheapest and easiest quick connects are probably garden hose connectors.
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    2023 Ford F-350 Power Take-Off and Pro Power Onboard - 2KW

    I have a '22 with the factory winch. My winch is not compatible with any aftermarket bumper. I don't think it's compatible with the likes of a Ranch Hand grill guard because of how it's mounted. It's also pretty much completely hidden, so it's impossible to see how the rope is winding on the...
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    Sleeping bag options

    I own Marmot, TNF and Western Mountaineering bags and they are all good. Western Mountaineering doesn't have anything near your price point. The North Face has a 20F rectangular bag for $130 that can be zipped to another, if you get one with a RH zipper and the other with a LH zipper. If that...
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    Need to find a way to connect three hoses w/o leaking!

    How much pressure and have you been able to identify where the leak is? I mean is one connection leaking or more than one. If you switch to either brass or stainless hose barbs, you can heat the tubing to get a little more slack on the fit. Heating the tubing may also get it to conform better to...
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    Delorme Atlas and Gazetteer for Canada?

    You might look into Backroad Mapbooks.
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    How do you handle your high-mounted spare?

    I haven't done this, but it looks like a small chain hoist would be a good solution. Maybe something like this:
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    12v portable jump starter issues?

    I have had the XP-1 Antigravity boosters since 2014. They have worked great, other than the one that had a cell fail after about 6 years. Bought a WP-10 for work that was used occasionally to start a backhoe. My only complaint about them is that you need a tool to press the jump button on the...
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    Satellites or meteorites?

    Blow up the photos and look for color. If the streaks look white, I'd think satellites. If they are colorful they may be meteors, either a green streak or green shifting to pink or red. I see this often taking pics of meteor showers.