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    1997 E350 4x4 Winniebago - SOLD

    Great price for such low mileage! GLWS Sent from my SPH-L720T using Tapatalk
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    Tire Preference .... need some opinions.

    I put a set of the toyo open country HT's on my '01 dodge 2500 when I had a long road trip a few years back. I really liked them! Very quiet on road, worked fine on gravel and forest service roads, great in the rain, not terrible in the snow. I put 30K miles on them before I sold the truck and...
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    Help With Finding Ideal Vehicle

    Put the taco idea right out of your mind! Thers just not enough room or payload forward 3 people, shower and toilet! Sent from my GT-P5113 using Tapatalk
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    Help With Finding Ideal Vehicle

    Given the budget and fuel economy requirements maybe a 2wd diesel pickup with slide in camper would be a better choice? 2wd would drastically reduce purchase price and a crewcab would provide required seating. There are lots of used slide in campers out there. Sent from my GT-P5113 using...
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    Honda 250 Rally Small Adventure bike

    And they just don't seem to understand that most of the people in this market really want the 450 instead of the 250. Sent by pure magic
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    Dexter E-Z Flex installation on my trailer

    Looks good! Any noticeable ride improvement or noise reduction? Sent by pure magic
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    Considering swapping sprinter for this little gem Sent by pure magic
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    Hauling A Motorcycle With A Truck Camper

    Pretty slick there Ida. What did it end up weighing and what's the capacity? Sent from my SPH-L720T using Tapatalk
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    Fleet flat bed vs Fleet reg bed

    I absolutely love how your jacks let you lower almost to the ground, Idasho. I'm old and lazy enough now that I might opt for powered jacks if it was me! Sent from my SPH-L720T using Tapatalk
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    Hauling wood in ??

    Interesting discussion! I assumed (bad!) OP was planning on tearing the pallets apart and removing nails before packing them up. Most pallets I see are not chemically treated, just made from the cheapest dimensional lumber they can get. From what I have read, once the bark is removed, the...
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    Hauling wood in ??

    Great idea! I have a neighbor that uses mostly pallet wood to heat his house all winter. Free from local businesses and easier on the back then running a chainsaw! Sent from my SPH-L720T using Tapatalk
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    Bbasso, is that a picture of an android device hooked to the obd2 port or one of the tuners available? Sent from my SPH-L720T using Tapatalk
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    OBS Topper F250

    And on the west coast they are usually called canopies. Sent from my SPH-L720T using Tapatalk
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    build it or sell it?

    If you are really just looking to have a goal, start a list of places you want to go. Make getting out and exploring your goal. Make minor upgrades only as needed. That burb as it sits is a perfect vehicle for your family. That being said, I have always had a bad case of upgrade-itis! keep...
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    Good bike especially for a lighter rider as yourself. Had an '86 xl250 for years and I'm 6'2" .biggest problem with the CR front end will be the length. The USD forks are probably 2" longer than the stock ones. You can slide them up about 1" in the triple clamps but will still be too long...
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    Best Large SUV stock?

    After reading this I walked out to my friends excursion to look at it. Seats 6 adults comfortably and it doesn't fit in his suburban garage. I still really like it. Sent using fumble fingers
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    KORE suspension system for dodge

    It was supposed to be a leveling kit. It added about 3" to the front an 1" to the rear on my truck.
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    KORE suspension system for dodge

    I have a complete suspension system I removed from my 2nd gen dodge Cummins. Has about 70k miles on it. At least one of the fox shocks needs a rebuild as it was leaking. $1200 or make me an offer. I would prefer to sell somewhat local as shipping is probably expensive. I'm in central Oregon and...
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    Long Ride on a 1982 Honda XL500R

    I just sold my 82 xl500 to a friend last month. I really can't imagine slabbing it all the way across the continent! Great bikes, but really, not my first choice for a trip like this. Ride safely as us old farts follow along on the forums! Sent using fumble fingers