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    07-21’ Tundra KBVooDoo roof top tent bars

    KBVooodoo bed bars……$60 plus shipping. From 16066 zip code. These are the ones that fit in the OEM TOYOTA bed Rails. They are not the hi-rise. I used them with my rtt. I don’t think KB sells these any longer. Steel with aluminum ends. They work perfectly fine and as they should, there is...
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    1994 Toyota Pickup Access Cab 4x4 V6 5 speed 85k mile survivor

    Beautiful truck! Wish so badly that I was in the market right now…….hate to miss it. GLWS.
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    Holy Grail Jeep, 05 LJ Rubicon

    Wow! Nice. And sooo close to me. One of my favorites vehicles of all time.
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    Just curious, What are those things sticking out of the cab doors? Cool truck!
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    2005 Jeep LJ Unlimited Rubicon

    Thin ad, educated crowd here..... auto or manual?
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    2005 Chevy C4500 Duramax 4x4 Motorhome Las Vegas area

    Wow! Awesome. Also outta my price range but I really wish I could. Always hated the giant stickers manufacturers put all over the sides of their campers,...... love the plain white.
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    2007 Tundra Crewmax UTE on 37"s

    Love this. I’d like to do it to my Crewmax. Flatbeds just make sense. I have a Ural and have to haul it on my trailer. A flatbed pickup would eliminate the need for the trailer. Just pull the Ural up on the flatbed and go. Once I get to my destination unload the Ural and put my tent on...
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    Toyota 4x4 Tacoma for sale.

    Ok. Thx. He is insisting on getting a stick
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    Toyota 4x4 Tacoma for sale.

    location, 5sp. or auto, frame recall? nephew is looking....He test drove 2 used ones today at dealerships.....sent ya a message
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    The Excuse: A 4400 Mile, 12 State Adventure

    Totally with you on the move from RTT to GFC. GFC is on my list. My tent was great, way better than being on the ground. My tent issue was getting it to dry out when not using it, .... that process got old.
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    1977 GMC Jimmy (K5 Blazer) LS Swap, Turn-key Overland Rig (SOLD)

    Bravo! Awesome. Wishing I was in the market......
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    Overnight in Bald Eagle State Forest, PA

    Good to see this. At the recent the Mid Atlantic Overland Festival I grabbed a Purple Lizard map for here and Rothrock as well. When the leaves change me and my 9yoa plan on doing a little camping trip. Gonna trailer my Ural behind my Tundra, set up camp, and putt-putt around.....see what...
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    WV to Moab, with some Colorado mixed in

    I’m diggin’ the Golden Eagle
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    Tent SOLD...Tepui RTT, 2 person.... kbvoodoo bars STILL AVAIALBLE

    Ok. Sounds good, hope to hear from him. I’ll help him with the install if he wants.
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    Tent SOLD...Tepui RTT, 2 person.... kbvoodoo bars STILL AVAIALBLE

    SOLD, The tent is Sold. Kbvoodoo mounting bars for a Tundra still available. Sorry, I do not know the tent model, maybe someone here knows. I am the second owner, bought it from the original owner off Craigslist and he didn’t know either. No pets, used by me maybe 5-6 times this...
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    2 Low Hours Husaberg 570 FE’s

    You try putting these up on ? Tons of fans of these over there. Glws.
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    Advice for soon to be father...

    Strider Bikes!!!
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    Custom Ural Sidecar Adventure Motorcycle

    The protection around/on the sidecar fender tail light and turn signal, where'd those come from????? I need those!......don't recall seeing those, just the other bigger style which IIRC is just a one piece.
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    2016 Toyota Tundra TRD 4x4 - Limited - Icon Suspension - 1 Ton - Camper Ready!

    GLWS, NICE TRUCK!!!....done up nicely. I wish I was in the market........ I have a 2011 crewmax (65k trouble free miles) kids are now 4&8. If I could do it over again I think I would've went with the DC like this. Lately I feel like I could use a little more bed length, and now that...
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    1974 Toyota Landcruiser $4500

    One Fine example of cool that cannot be bought . Glws