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    For Sale Simms waterproof bag

    Where are you?
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    Best sturdy camp table?

    Camp time roll-a-table for me. Table top is easy to clean and handles heat well. Rolls up for great use of space, is not heavy and adjustable legs are sturdy. Love it!
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    Next big family tent for Newfoundland trip: Skyliner? Family Camper?

    I have a Springbar Highline. They are truly incredible tents. Used as a basecamp/car camping is obviously ideal due to weight. As far as durability, I have never been let down by this set up. You wouldn’t think so to look at it, but they are incredibly durable. I have had mine set up for...
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    Alu Cab Khaya camper for sale on eBay- reserve hit at $750.00

    Wow! I would be very leery. We all know if it sounds too good to be true…..
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    SOLD: Rigd Ultraswing Megafit, Ultratable & SKEP

    Would you be willing to part out the Skep? I have the swing and would to add the Skep.
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    Turns out I need a real truck. Kindly help me choose one!

    Webasto is where I am starting. Have to sell the stove, before I can get it though. That is a difference in my situation too. Only three adults with me at most. One bike, probably a couple other things makes up that difference. No Goose Gear for me. That stuff is heavy!
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    Turns out I need a real truck. Kindly help me choose one!

    That is true, my GVWR is over but under on axle WR. Probably just like about 95% of people on here. Almost impossible to stay under GVWR with a camper, in my opinion. To each their own. I wish you luck in your search.
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    Turns out I need a real truck. Kindly help me choose one!

    Well, for starters, I have the double cab (6.5 ft bed) not the crewmax. I don’t know if that changes things for you. I built my own cabinets/storage with 8020 aluminum and 3/4” birchwood cabinet tops. In hindsight, I would have gone with the smaller size aluminum to save more weight. That...
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    Turns out I need a real truck. Kindly help me choose one!

    Interesting. My Alu Cabin on my Tundra, loaded, bed built out, etc.. comes in 200-400 lbs below both axle ratings based on what I bring. Haven’t had one issue in almost two years of having it on my truck. Regardless, enjoy the new truck shopping. You’ll love the set up.
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    Hunting Truck/Trailer Set ups geared towards hunting

    Alu Cabin on my Tundra has been ideal for my upland season in the Dakotas/Montana and Idaho. Love the set up.
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    Insulating a topper

    I used the bulk Bedrug material on my Alu-Cab as it’s more workable. Just used 3M velcro to attach to the walls. Been two years and no complaints
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    Is the TRD 3" Suspension Lift Kit for a 2024 Tundra sufficient for an Alu cabin build?

    I have the Alu Cabin on my 2016 Tundra. Warranty wasn’t an issue for me, so I just upgraded to the Alcan spring pack, and the 6112’s up front. Rides great and haven’t given it a second thought. Weight wise, with full fuel, three people, and water, I am about 200 lbs below axle weight...
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    Yamaha TW200? Looking for feedback

    Because they are popular, and reliable if well taken care of, I am seeing TW’s that are 15 years old going for over $3,500 in my area. New, you’re easily over 5k.
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    Yamaha TW200? Looking for feedback

    Might want to consider the new Honda xr150L. I just recently went through this process. Love the TW, but the Honda gives a little more range/possibilities than the TW and is more than 2k cheaper.
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    Compact Carbon Steel Cookware

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    ALU-CAB Window and Door Screens/Covers

    First, I’m sorry to hear about the truck/ACC. Would you be will to just sell the main door screen and cover?
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    Introducing the “NEW” Alu-Cab Canopy Camper

    I did my bedrug after the Alu Cab was already on my truck. No issues at all.
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    Camper and Truck Photos

    Nothing fancy, but Capitol Reef NP with a couple planets/stars saying hi at sunset.
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    Smoker - Electric or Charcoal?

    I purchased a Pit Barrel Cooker five years ago amd have never looked back. It’s charcoal and if I want smoke flavor, I throw wood on the charcoal. It’s easy, maintenance free, and consistent temps. I even bought a smaller version of it two years ago for easier transport/use. Love the PBC.
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    Pop up/wedge camper tailgate delete option

    Good choice. I haven’t regretted it at all. Buy once, cry once on this type of thing is my opinion. I’ve spent the last year on the build out. When you get to that stage, feel free to reach out and I’ll let you know what I have learned and mistakes I’ve made along the way. May save you...