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    Sears Diehard Platinum 31M issues

    I’ve got a Diehard Platinum group 65 that I bought in Oct 2011, making it almost 12 years old. Not as impressive as you guys, but it’s in a summer trail rig. It’s never been on a charger or battery tender, not even once. I drive the rig a handful of times each summer, and just disconnect the...
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    Vent fan, for dogs!?

    Nice. Dumb question: Did you wire it so that it blows outward or inward?
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    Rust Treatment For Inside of Rack Tubing

    This is a rust converter paint that is intended for application inside frames, tubes, etc. I've had good luck with it. Or, if a waxy product is more your thing...
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    Is my steering box bad?

    I replaced the box in my 2010 Suburban 2500 with one from RedHead, and the feel was quite good. However, it developed a leak just out of warranty, so I tried an AGR box. What junk, it had massive amounts of play, and leaked like a seive. Sent it back and called RedHead, and they gave me a...
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    Advice needed on choosing the right snow chains

    I agree. Based on the OP's route description, chains are not necessary. A good set of all season tires that test well in the snow would probably be fine for that route, and if you wanted to be cautious, a set of studless winter tires (3 peak rated) would actually be safer, more convenient, and...
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    How important is a relay for LED light bar?

    A relay is simply a switch controlled by a switch. Sounds redundant, but the purpose is to isolate the high current under the hood and limit it to as short a wiring run as possible. That way you have less voltage drop, and less risk of the wiring or switch overheating. True, LEDs require less...
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    Mt Shavano, Colorado

    For that, I highly recommend Colorado's many 13ers. They are just as scenic and fun, many are just as challenging hikes (though many aren't, if that's your preference), but more importantly, they are MUCH less crowded than the 14ers.
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    1987 toyota pickup

    How on God's green earth did you get the engine that clean? It's nuts - that looks factory fresh!
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    Hey Vortec Guys! / Sierra pickup / Suburban / Yukon etc - Finally has Index!

    No, there's a little twisty tool that lets you roll the belt on/off without removing the compressor: It ain't pretty, but it works. Did it on my 2010.
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    Hey Vortec Guys! / Sierra pickup / Suburban / Yukon etc - Finally has Index!

    Ours did the same exact thing, although ours had the common decency to quit less than 5 miles from home after driving 300+ miles that day. After letting it cool for a few minutes, it restarted, and we made it home. It was in the middle of summer camping season, so I did what I rarely do - let...
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    Any GMT900 Suburban/XL 2500 builds here?

    Yep, they're still doing well. Just rotated and inspected them, in fact. The ST/MAXXs seem to be wearing a smidge faster than I thought they would, but nothing terrible. They are wearing evenly, and are still smooth and quiet.
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    "Double down or fold" - Part 2 ...

    Any thought that the installation of the new cooler might have caused the pump failure? Debris in the new cooler? If it did fail just after the installation, seems like a bit of a coincidence.
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    1st gen Trooper 4 cyl any good?

    Ditto on checking the valve adjustment periodically. Only engine I've ever found valves waaaay out of spec. Also, some of the early head castings on the 2.6 were prone to cracking, but I can't imagine any of the problem castings are still around. I owned an 87 Trooper from 97-98, and my head...
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    Integrated Spare Fuel Tank

    AF = as f*@% as in, "expo as f*@%" It's an acronym the kids are using a lot these days.
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    Any GMT900 Suburban/XL 2500 builds here?

    Very nice! Speaking of extended brake lines, with your lift, did you have do anything with the rear ABS speed sensor wires? When mine was up on the lift at the tire shop and the suspension drooped, I noticed mine were very tight... and I only have little 2 inch lift blocks. It wasn't damaging...
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    Any GMT900 Suburban/XL 2500 builds here?

    Here you go... Old (285/65-18 Nitto Terra Grappler, installed by previous owner): The problems were: 1. They rubbed in the front, and I didn't like them enough to want to cut into factory sheet metal to make them clear. 2. The wheels just didn't look right on a Suburban in my opinion. 3. The...
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    Any GMT900 Suburban/XL 2500 builds here?

    Yes, they do fit. I bought my 2010 2500 Suburban with a 2 inch torsion key lift and 285/65-18's on aftermarket wheels, and they rubbed under mild compression while turning. Switched to 255/85-16's (Cooper ST/MAXX) on stock steelies, which are the same diameter, and they clear nicely...
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    Best DIY bedliner?

    I've used both Herculiner and Durabak, and I'd agree they are about the same. I used the white Durabak about 15 years ago, and it has yellowed slightly with age (not a sun-exposed location), so I'd recommend the darker colors, or at least not white.
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    1st gen trooper guys?

    Nice Rig! I like it! I also had a 1st gen Trooper in the late 90's, an 87 with the 2.6 / 5 speed. It was my first 4WD. I remember the 2.6 had an issue with the heads cracking, but thanks to the Isuzu Trooper Owners Guild website (remember that?) I was able to determine from the casting...