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  1. supdies

    Lightweight Cabinet Materials - Plywood/Coosa Alternatives

    I've been able to get this plywood brand called Garnica from my local shop. It's a multi-ply popular plywood. I think roughly 55 lbs for a 4x8 3/4" sheet compared to roughly 80 lbs for baltic birch. Not quite as sturdy as baltic birch, but I think good enough and a notable savings in terms of...
  2. supdies

    Plastic tote bins with vertical sides?

    I bought a large & small sidio crate to try and so far they work well. I too was looking for vertical sides. The sidio crates have lids - although not 100% sealed/waterproof. They are somewhat expensive vs other options. The dividers are handy.
  3. supdies

    2022 RAM 5500 Composite "Super Camper"

    Thanks for the update, Craig. Looks awesome! Very clean & organized. Is that mostly 3/4" bamboo on the walls? It looks like you glued the bamboo to the 8020? Do you think 1/4" bamboo walls bolted from the front through to the 8020 would work or would the 1/4" bamboo be too flexible?
  4. supdies

    F-550 super duty hydrogen fuel cell electric truck?

    SoCalGas & Ford partner to develop an F550 super duty hydrogen fuel cell electric truck:
  5. supdies

    Total Composites full introduction!

    If you had a hatch ~31-33" wide by ~44" tall, side hinge, you'd likely be able to just fit most mountain bikes without having to remove the front wheel and rotate the bar. I bet you'd have some interest in that size. If you remove the front wheel, then you can probably get away with ~20-24" wide...
  6. supdies

    2022 RAM 5500 Composite "Super Camper"

    Looking great! Thanks for posting your progress. For the 8020 to wall attachment - I was wondering if another method could be to glue 5/8" wood strips on the inside of the framing and then using wood inserts and bolting the 8020 along the strip, say every 12" or so? The wood could be ~4-6"...
  7. supdies

    2020 Ram 5500 DIY Composite Panel Camper Build Thread

    They look awesome! Are you mounting them through the top into the Total Composite floor steel bars?