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  1. Land Shark

    Post up your drawer/storage system

    Super clean man!!!
  2. Land Shark

    Wet weather jacket advice please

    Unfortunately, I cannot speak to briars. I have used mine in others ways. Sim training, all day rifle classes, teaching CQB, and all day outside with various conditions. With my experience I have been intimate with all sorts of wood, splinters, etc... But no briars :)
  3. Land Shark

    Wet weather jacket advice please

    OP, I am sure you have made a decision already. But if not... While I have tons of Arcteryx I would say this jacket probably meets your needs the best. I have owned one for a long time and can say it has been...
  4. Land Shark

    LED flashlights that use regular batteries or rechargeable? (early 2017 edition)

    As mentioned above you cannot go wrong with Streamlight or Surefire. Both are well known throughout the world from every day trades people, EDC community, Spec ops, and police. I have been using both for over 20 years and the quality and light out put is unmatched. Stream light tends to be a...
  5. Land Shark

    Who has the oldest, still working 12 volt fridge/freezer?

    ARB 50qt purchased 2010. Been on, in a truck the majority of its life. Replaced the thermistor but that’s it
  6. Land Shark

    M101A1 Trailer build

    Baddass dude! Any other mods happening lately?
  7. Land Shark

    lifting the tent rack questions

    Great start keep it up and keep us posted. For gas struts try Seem to be reasonably priced...
  8. Land Shark

    2Dogs M101a3 Build

    Great build! Keep us posted on future mods/additions...
  9. Land Shark

    Long Telescoping Swing Down Jacks

    OP, did you figure this out? Would love to see what you went with. Post up when you have something.
  10. Land Shark

    M101A2 Build Thread

    Nice Dude! What else have you done to her? I like what your doing...
  11. Land Shark

    m101a1 Build for my YJ

    Yeah! I saved at least 500 pounds when I swapped mine out.
  12. Land Shark

    m101a1 Build for my YJ

    Do you have the bows and tarp for that trailer? If so, until you get the other goodies you want you can go simple like I did.
  13. Land Shark

    Need some ARB Fridge help please.

    Call ARB directly and they will take care of you very well. Depending on the serial number and when it was manufactured it could be an easy thermistor swap or a not so easy swap. Even the not so easy wasn’t bad whenI had to perform the deed. Good luck sir
  14. Land Shark

    What about BOB?

    RobRed, I have read several of your posts and blogs over the years. While not all have been for me they are always thought out and posted to help others. As someone else has said if it doesn't interest you then just move on. I for one would encourage you to not delete and build off what you have...
  15. Land Shark

    06-09 4runner ARB front winch bumper (new)

    I'm in va. How far south would you be willing to drive to meet me?