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  1. Broshaker

    Trip to the North

    The writing style of categories made this so fresh! Thank you for sharing all of this. It was packed with useful information and things to think about!
  2. Broshaker

    My Journey

    I look forward to your stories every morning - and today's pictures and words help to bring peace and clarity to a crazy world. Thanks for the reminder that the wilderness is still there!
  3. Broshaker

    10,000km from Minnesota to Cabo and Back in the Green Machine

    This is was really fun to experience through your eyes! We took off for Baja in a Honda Accord in the early nineties in June - and loved every minute of it. Can't wait to try it again in the jeep. What a great read! Thank you!
  4. Broshaker

    My Journey

    I have missed reading/living your adventures. Thank you for today's post!
  5. Broshaker

    My Journey

    So so sorry for the deep loss of Yukon. Thank you so much for sharing her with us.
  6. Broshaker

    My Journey

    I have been following your journey for some time - we too (my wife and I) are wanderers and your writing and pictures, as so many others have expressed, are our favorite. You inspire with your perspective. I am deeply sorry about Yukon's decline, but so glad you have had him in your life...