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  1. Tucsontom

    Our Round-the-World adventure

    Morocco! Great images! Spent 3 days in Marrakesh (side tour to Atlas mtns.) with my family on foot - so photogenic! We were there during Ramadan and the nightly megaphone religious "singing" in the plaza was mesmerizing. Exotic place and culture.
  2. Tucsontom

    Our Round-the-World adventure

    Great photos! - woo hoo - Morocco!
  3. Tucsontom

    Our Round-the-World adventure

    Loving it all!
  4. Tucsontom

    Our Round-the-World adventure

    Norway! I will add that to the list for decision time. It is hard for me to enjoy travel when food is expensive cuz I love food! But more than that - sheer beauty.
  5. Tucsontom

    Our Round-the-World adventure

    I really like this thread. Glad to learn more about and see some of Albania! Our very shortlist includes choosing between an slightly off-season trip to Iceland, Faroe Islands or The Shetland islands (maybe less dramatic but far less expensive and less flights from our location in SW USA) Faroe...
  6. Tucsontom

    Our Round-the-World adventure

    Made it with family to Croatia and Montenegro this summer (car and Airbnb version) - loved both really loved Kotor and we were a bit ahead of the big tourist season. Wanted to go to Durmitor (not enough time) and so glad yo did -especially in the fall - looks spectacular! I bet the small...
  7. Tucsontom

    Gas prices & a few grizzly bears...

    Loved the photos! I can't get that type of mileage on my 2016. More like 14.8 - with a roof rack and some stuff on it. BFG's and minor lift. I think staying under 70-mph is key.
  8. Tucsontom

    Auto liability insurance for europe

    Another option for future for certain types of trips. When we family travel we usually fly and then rent. Just did this for Croatia and Montenegro 1 month ago So this does not apply specifically to Overland exactly but World Nomad has a comprehensive travel insurance at 2 levels and the...
  9. Tucsontom

    Baja 2022

    I like the "shorts" approach! Most watchable.
  10. Tucsontom

    Our Round-the-World adventure

    Your photos are very enjoyable and informative and fun!
  11. Tucsontom

    "You Can't Get There From Here"; A Definition - Mitch's North Maine Woods Trip Report

    Good one - you showed us what outback Maine looks like - and it looks great! Thanks for not showing lobster roll pix! (not that you were close to one butcha know what I'm talking bout) The occasional upside down or sideways pix sealed the deal for realville! perfect
  12. Tucsontom

    Baja in a Dodge b1500 van with 2 dogs

    Looks like you are living! It's about the journey and the destination. Less about the gear. Enjoying this thread!
  13. Tucsontom

    Baja Weekend South of Ensenada

    Nice Report! I watched the Baja 400 live and saw how beautiful that coast is! Headed to LA Bay Thursday. 4Runner with Mid level Icon stuff - it really does make a difference. When you are loaded up - hydraulic bump stops can be nice when you hit the unexpected!
  14. Tucsontom

    Rocky Mountain High, or can you still get away with no reservations?

    Thoreau, NM (IR 371). Ha! After a gazzilion trips to the San Juans - and dreading the Holbrook to Gallup to Shiprock legs - finally this summer took the Thoreau loop into Farmington. More I-40 time but still fun. Remote, nice, peaceful change. Tucson has had about 9" of rain if not more this...
  15. Tucsontom

    Our Round-the-World adventure

    We look forward to your posts and best of luck!
  16. Tucsontom

    My Journey

    I am in the middle of building a similar size home in Colorado. We have similar siding and yet to be painted.It is a light beige primer now,. We have been thinking dark gray charcoal color and what you have selected is close to what we were looking at . Would you mind sharing that color? If not...
  17. Tucsontom

    Skyler Howes get sponsored!

    I could not agree more. After watching previous Dakars where he has done so well... and no one had picked him up to sponsor. Full steam and with with full support!
  18. Tucsontom

    Skyler Howes get sponsored! After 2 years of great results as a privateer- Skyler gets sponsored by Huskvarna and Rockstar! The American presence is Dakar continues to grow.
  19. Tucsontom

    Baja California

    Thanks for all the input!
  20. Tucsontom

    Baja California

    Thanks - I have never done that since 2006 and about 20 trips BUT I have never ventured into Baja Sur either. It is also my understanding that you can not get the FMM visa in Guerrero Negro - you need to do it at the US/Mex border.