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  1. Trailboss

    Bathroom or Storage?

    The modern "Thunder Mug" is a 5-gal Homer bucket with a toilet seat/cover, trash bag and kitty litter. I use an empty 2lb Walmart dry roasted peanut container for my night drains. We have a travel trailer and my wife would rather use the bucket if needed during the night than have to deal with...
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    A girl and a dog get into a 1978 Toyota Dolphin...

    It looks like Rachel is alive and well in Hernando, MS (south of Memphis) operating a heritage seed company Haiku Heritage Farm.
  3. Trailboss

    My Journey

    Good call on the delete. My F250 with only 120K miles had the same symptoms and diagnosis back in July and is still stranded 430 miles from home waiting on a new DPF. There is a nationwide backlog order of over 850 DPFs, and I still don't have an estimated delivery date now waiting almost 4...
  4. Trailboss

    Wyoming Adventure fall run.

    I thought that looked like an old Deuce-and-a-Half or M813 military truck in the buffalo photo. Later you said it was hauling logs, I thought it was hauling water from the photo, but then with all the lakes on Union Pass, you don't need to haul water.
  5. Trailboss

    What Happened to KennyJ's thread?

    He hadn't updated in a couple years, but one of his posts in another thread from 2015 is still visible. Maybe his thread archived, and we can't see it anymore? He inspired me into van travel with a hitch carrier, also. I hope he is OK, too.
  6. Trailboss

    Ideas please, motorcycle on a 4X6 RTT equipped trailer.

    I use a VersaHaul carrier to carry my 300 lb Yamaha XT250 and a small trailer. The carrier comes in 500lb and 600lb capacity and extends the receiver tube. Mine's a 500lb model, and I just have to keep the trailer tongue weight under 200lbs. Worked great for 6-7000 miles on dirt roads and...
  7. Trailboss

    What is it?

    Yes, it is a M101A1 trailer, I've had a few. All the ones I've seen (probably 15-30) were made in 1968, so finding a plate may be difficult. Here are the plates from one I bought from auction, the electro-pen probably indicates a replacement plate was used sometime during a rebuild process...
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    My Journey

    There is a large flat area you can camp at the base of the Grassy Lake dam where I stayed June 2020. The down road to it is rather steep and rough, though, and the mosquitos were abundant. There is also a hiking trail heading to the north from the spillway that a number of folks were using.
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    My Journey

    I can't "like" your post, but thank you for letting us know. Loosing a fur friend never gets easier, but their lifetime of unrestrained love is worth the inevitable heartache and loss. Remember the good times - she does.
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    My Journey

    Hadn't seen a TWA plane in years - just checked and they went bankrupt in 2001, so that plane has been there at least 18 years. My wife's 3 highly obedient and trained Belgian Malinois become selectively deaf when they see a rabbit or deer in the front yard. Hearing seems to return only when...
  11. Trailboss

    A girl and a dog get into a 1978 Toyota Dolphin...

    She hasn't been on the site since last November. Hope she is safe somewhere and still watching the stars at night.
  12. Trailboss

    Sleeping in my Xterra in bear country. Where should I keep my food?

    Got a lot of approved bear proof options for coolers and dry goods. Just don't leave these containers in the tent or car with you.
  13. Trailboss

    My Journey

    While I don't doubt you do a massive amount of hiking/walking, as evidenced by your daily posts, the anal scientist/engineer in me wonders if you have calibrated your fitbit against a known distance? 4000 miles a year comes to almost 11 miles a day, every day, which would be a little more than...
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    My Journey

    Those growths on the honeybee are pollen "baskets" where bees store pollen they collect to bring back to the hive.
  15. Trailboss

    PHL -> ATX in a ford e350 7.3 in 12 days (Maintenance list before I leave?)

    Extra fuel filter. I've had one plug up under 1000 miles with a load of bad fuel so I always carry one. Traveling at 60-65mph can save 10-20 pct on fuel and is less stress on an old vehicle than 75-80 mph.
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    My Journey

    Good luck with the ranch. Thanks for taking us along in your travels, I really appreciate the effort it takes.
  17. Trailboss

    YAMAHA XT250

    I'm a new rider and bought the 2013 XT250 used. When I was looking at the KLX, CFR and the XT, I figured they were essentially equal for my needs (no freeway driving, and light weight since I ride solo), so price and condition for a used bike was the deciding factor. I learned how to ride it...
  18. Trailboss

    Tour de Canada part deux

    That's a paraphrase of a Hunter S. Thompson quote - see my signature line below.
  19. Trailboss

    Quit my job, sold my stuff, packed up the dogs and went on the road!

    I pray Will Rogers ended up in Heaven!
  20. Trailboss

    PowerWagonJeeper's Appalachian Adventures Thread

    Great photos, thanks. Miss that country!