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    2001 Lance 815

    I too recently got an older 815 that I'm prepping for a winter trip to a warmer climate. Unlike yours, mine was NOT well maintained or cared for. You scored! Most of my work is based on needed repairs, not fun upgrades like you. Something I think that is going to be on my long repair list soon...
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    Alternative Anchor Locations

    2000 Lance Lite 815 on a steel flatbed. Currently mounted with HappiJac turnbuckles from stock camper anchors to rub rails on flatbed, 1" stall mats between the two. Long term plan is side boxes for storage, at which point I won't want turnbuckles blocking that space. Short term, the stock...
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    Looking for a flatbed cabover shell with cargo access

    Walking Horse, you have a build thread going for your project?
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    Late 80's FWC Fleet in N.W. MT

    Recently bought this for my wife's Tacoma. Just too small for our needs, so selling.
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    GM fullsize AWD Van Info thread

    Towing. I know the stated specs, just looking for some real world experience from people who tow with 1500 awd's on a regular basis. I'd be towing a 5000-6000 lb trailer on a semi-regular basis for work. Just wondering how these rigs hold up to use like that. The majority of the vans I'm looking...
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    2002 F350 7.3 & 1998 Lance SquireLite For Sale

    Selling the above mentioned combo in Northwest Montana. Here's a link to my CL ad.
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    2007 Snow River truck camper for sale

    Price reduced to $15,000, below NADA value.
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    2007 Snow River truck camper for sale

    I'm selling my 2007 Snow River truck camper. It's 9'6" w/ a dinette slide. I'm in NW MT. Here's a link to the CL ad.
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    Real life MPG numbers wanted.

    Would love to see 15 average. I don't even average that with the truck empty. Average of 18 tanks with truck empty is 14.1. Best was 16 & only saw that twice. Mostly town but some highway. Engine is stock. PO put a leveling lift on the front end. Gears are 3.73 tires are 285/75 16. I'm all...
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    Real life MPG numbers wanted.

    OP here with a new setup. 2002 F350 SRW, 7.3l power stroke, auto trans, crew cab, long bed, 4X4 & a 2007 Snow River 9'6" with a slide out. Just got back from a trip to Baja. Of the 2600 miles I traveled in the states (& kept mileage records for) I averaged 10.4mpg. Best was 11.8, worst was 9.3...
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    1978 Chinook Newport build for flatbed Chevy

    Bump on the update! I started a project on one of these years ago. Ran out of time & money, plus ADD kicked in... This is as far as I got. I'd love to see this go to completion, subscribed.
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    2011 Palomino Maverick 1000SL

    Any Maverick 1000SL owners out there? Found one a few hours away at, what seems like, a good price ($14,500). Trying to get some info before I decide to take the trip; there doesn't seem to be a lot of info on these out there. If there's anyone out there rolling with one of these I'd appreciate...
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    Cab over clearance

    Just installed new Torklift tie downs on my new truck. Directions explicitly said the use of a plastic bed-liner will void the warranty. Corrugations of the liner can act as a spring & the reduced contact area of the corrugations makes campers apt to slide around. Bumblebus, I'd hazard to guess...
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    FOUND Vans For Sale!

    Here's a link to my 2005 Sprinter conversion for sale. NW Montana.
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    Tacoma. 2004 Double cab 4x4

    Here's a link to my wife's Tacoma for sale. Whitefish, MT
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    Questions Concerning Building a Truck Camper

    Check over in the 'Pop Up' section. Numerous build threads & a lot more DIY going on over there. Keep us posted, it would great to see a Hard Side build thread. Good luck.
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    SLO's FWC Hawk Refurb/Build...

    Oh yeah, almost forgot: the Flatbed. The flatbed on my last rig was AWSOME! So much more usable space than a traditional body pickup. Honestly, I don't know why any pickup doesn't, at the very least, come from the factory with an option of a flatbed. On one side I stored all of my windsurfing...
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    SLO's FWC Hawk Refurb/Build...

    I forget what 'They' (meaning organized local mtn bike advocates) were calling the area across the highway from Gooseberry. Is it "legit" now & are they calling it the 'Avocado Trails'? The last time I was there (5+ yrs), 'They' were talking with the BLM & trying to make it a legit trail head...
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    SLO's FWC Hawk Refurb/Build...

    Nice! There's good riding and camping up there on the mesa. If you were there for 9 days I'm guessing you sampled the goods across the highway as well. In regards to the bike rack; go for a front mount hitch. Don't have to worry about it being in the way of the camper door, won't back into...
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    Ideas? Need a hard-side with four season insulation and propane heat.

    Nice! Both to your 'name' and the wording of your question! While I don't have a direct suggestion in regards to make/model, I can pass along some info. I've camped at Rogers Pass, BC in a generic S&S camper in sub 0 degree temps, with no problems. That being said, I dried (& kept) both my ski...