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  1. Randall Dee

    Hippy Shack

    Does it come with patchouli smell?
  2. Randall Dee

    F-350 4WD Tiger Camper, SOLD

    Yup, 4 pages with 30 posts alone from the OP about a rig that's not even for sale yet.
  3. Randall Dee

    Quigley Duramax Sportsmobiles

    Yeah, thanks so much Whit for sharing your experience with it. There's been a 2008 listed for sale on here and the main Sportsmobile site for the last month or so that looks like a pretty nice rig and I was curious about it. The fuel economy and the added range is pretty attractive and I'm a fan...
  4. Randall Dee

    Quigley Duramax Sportsmobiles

    Thanks. I went from an Econoline with a AOR 4x4 conversion to an AWD Transit. So, I'm pretty familiar with poor ground clearance now. I actually prefer a lower ground clearance 4x4, so with regard to that I think I would be okay. I swear I thought I read recently that someone posted that their...
  5. Randall Dee

    Quigley Duramax Sportsmobiles

    I've seen a few of these come up for sale recently and have become intrigued with them. There's currently one on the market that looks pretty nice. I've always heard great things about the Duramax. They seem to get good fuel economy and the older ones are pre DEF. With the fuel economy people...
  6. Randall Dee

    Ultimate Overland Rig - 2022 4x4 MB Sprinter professionally built by ZENVANZ - SOLD

    It seems like a legit question to me so, I'll ask it again. What is the dry weight of the van?
  7. Randall Dee

    ****SOLD*****. 2018 Ford F450 Overland Camper

    Damn, that's a lot of rig for the asking price. GLWS.
  8. Randall Dee

    **SOLD** 2006 Ford E250 Agile Off Road 4x4

    Here's some additional interior pics. No trades but I'm open to offers.
  9. Randall Dee

    **SOLD** 2006 Ford E250 Agile Off Road 4x4

    Bump. Did I mention that I just changed the oil?
  10. Randall Dee

    **SOLD** 2006 Ford E250 Agile Off Road 4x4

    2006 Ford Econoline E250 5.4L 133,000 miles $29,900 Agile Off Road TTB 4x4 conversion. Custom tuned Fox shocks and Fox steering stabilizer. Electronic shift BW 1356 T-case. Warn manual locking hubs. Re-geared to 4.10 gears as part of the conversion. Open diffs. The van drives incredible with...
  11. Randall Dee

    Thinking of buying a Winnebago Revel van. Talk me out of it?

    The only reason I can see to buy a Revel is if you need financing. It's pretty hard to get financing on an empty cargo van and a build out. But if you're a cash buyer, then it's possible to get so much more quality for your money buying an empty van and getting a builder. Revels look nice from...
  12. Randall Dee

    2000 Ford Sportsmobile RB Agile 4x4 Loaded

    I got a message message from the seller this morning. Pretty sure it's still available. It's a well outfitted beauty.
  13. Randall Dee

    WANTED: 4x4 Van

    I know you said solid axle. Any interest in a 2006 Econoline with an Agile Off Road conversion?
  14. Randall Dee

    SOLD! AWD Express Van fully built out in great condition.

    Nice van and the best deal on this whole board. Good luck with the sale.
  15. Randall Dee

    2020 Ford Transit AWD

    I'd be interested in info on any set up. AWD, 2WD or a 4x4 converted van. One gentleman told me that with his quad van mid roof with a full build out around 9500# or more that he sees around 13 mpg. I was hoping for better.
  16. Randall Dee

    2020 Ford Transit AWD

    Can any of you guys tell me what kind of fuel economy you are seeing with the Transit and whether you have the naturally aspirated engine or the Ecoboost?
  17. Randall Dee

    2020 Ford Transit AWD

    Thanks Brian. Kinda what I figured.
  18. Randall Dee

    2020 Ford Transit AWD

    I've seen a few low roof Transits around town with barn doors on the side. Does anyone know if barn doors are available on the mid roof?