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  1. beverly

    affordable (i.e., used) ADV machines

    DR650, and any year of the DL.
  2. beverly

    A challenge to the "lead sled" ADV bikes offered today

    Under 350 lbs, 60+ hp, FI, liquid cooled, 3,000 mile oil change, 5.8 gal fuel capacity.
  3. beverly

    The ExPo Mountain Bike Photo Thread

    Sweet. Is that an older proto fatback? I've never seen a top tube like that before.
  4. beverly

    Front bumper head light protection: Yea or nay?

    I'm shopping for a new bumper for my '99 4runner. I'm lucky to have quite a few options for this vehicle, but I've come to a cross roads. How important are the head light bars on these bumpers for general off roading/animal strikes? The bumper I like (AO Plate) doesn't have these, only a...
  5. beverly

    MAXTRAX vs Smittybilt Element traction devices

    Is there a MAXTRAX "Arctic" edition? I thought I saw it somewhere, it has different plastic that is more friendly to cold environment. I'd be interested in a group buy either way. The Arctic ones would just be cool as most of my use would be during winter time.
  6. beverly

    New Fat Bike and a beer

    Thanks for the video. I never knew growler cage existed, awesome. Yes it's bumpity, it's still a full rigid.
  7. beverly

    Co-opski’s Last Frontier Build

    Saw the truck parked at REI last night. Hard to recognize that roof rack. Looks good.
  8. beverly

    The ExPo Mountain Bike Photo Thread

    My recent 29er build. She flies when up to speed.
  9. beverly

    Road to CX?

    These new tires for gravel racing might be right up your alley. Not quite as wide and slow as real cyclocross tires. They look perfect for smoother dirt roads.
  10. beverly

    2000 4runner buying advice

    Thanks for the clear thoughts guys. I was pretty excited when it popped up on CL, as they don't come around very often with these features. AWD would have been nice for winter and the locker is a large bonus. My heart sank after 10 seconds of seeing it when I looked underneth, I knew it couldn't...
  11. beverly

    2000 4runner buying advice

    Hi everyone, sorry if you hate these type of threads, but I could use a second eye. I took a look at a 2000 4runner Limited w/ locking diff and 187,000 miles. Timing belt was changed around 130,000. It looked decent for a 13 year old truck until I looked underneath. It seemed like some of the...
  12. beverly

    OldSven's 2000 4Runner-Supercharged

    A lame play on bring your own beer. I assume the 5 tires you're keeping are the ones on the truck. So one would to have to bring their own?
  13. beverly

    G63 6x6

    Can you lock all 6 wheels?
  14. beverly

    Postponed.... The sequel to the Maya Rally 2012 -> The 2013 Alaska Rally!

    I'm based in downtown Anchorage. If I'm back in town before this date, I'd be able to help out in certain things. Depending on work schedule of course. I could provide local Anchorage things, airport pick up/drop off, temporary truck/motorcycle storage or parking, etc. I have access to storage...
  15. beverly

    Overland Hammock Camping

    Love the hammock, hard to perfect though. I still need to invest in an under quilt. They can be really finicky with pads. BIAS makes a heck of a deal for a good set up. HH are nice because of the total package. I'm not fond of ENO strap system. My BIAS WWM is super light. Once you start adding...
  16. beverly

    Tips for Stealth Overnight Parking and Building a Stealth Vehicle

    I've thought of the fake decals as well. Maybe something ridiculous enough if you read into it, but at a glance it looks like any other business van. Ive seen plenty of personal vehicles with decals, I cant imagine it'd be a large problem. You'd have to come up with something obscure enough...
  17. beverly

    Defenders in 1981?

    Yeah, that one has been for sale for quite a while now too. I don't know if I could get over the bright color (looks odd in red, Land Rovers should be green), but it looks to be in good shape.