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    eatSleepWoof gets a Winnie

    Drawing stream water or whatever into your trailer seems bananas to me. Even city water in your trailer for a few weeks will get skunky and gross.
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    eatSleepWoof gets a Winnie

    That Winnie looks like a good unit really, much better than the Forest River crap I deal with every day. Make sure to check the roof for cracks in the sealant a couple times a year.
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    Kona Fire Mountain 45% off, opinions needed.

    I took it on easy trails at first. I was surprised that I noticed the smoother ride even on paved bike paths. I loaded it up in my 2500hd truck and drove home. I thought to myself, has my truck always road this rough? I was already spoiled by the smoother ride on the bike. I then found a mtn...
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    Kona Fire Mountain 45% off, opinions needed.

    I considered going cheaper, and more expensive. Well the old bike is almost thirty years old, and I like it. Recent outings in the last week remind me the rim brakes that are susceptible to getting caked with mud and snow, and the shifting isn't great. The derailer probably needs adjusted but...
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    Kona Fire Mountain 45% off, opinions needed.

    I’m still riding a ‘90s rigid mtb. I’m in my 40’s now and am looking for something with a bit smoother ride for mild to moderate stuff. No 5’ drops, probably. This is about $600 after shipping. Seems to be about 2-300$ cheaper than comparable bikes available at local bike shops. Good bike for...
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    Kona Fire Mountain 45% off, opinions needed.
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    Mid-size vs Full-size truck setup

    Still can’t get a big fuel tank in a half ton GM right?
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    Mid-size vs Full-size truck setup

    Just buy any full size. Get the big fuel tank, a locker, and the towing gears.
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    re-charging a big power station while driving

    Can you recommend any such converters that can live under the hood?
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    Suspension Help - '18 Tundra DC w/ Occasional FWC

    Apples to oranges comparison but I had the RAS on my ‘19 Ranger. I carried maybe 500lbs in the bed all the time and an occasional 3500lb travel trailer. The RAS didn’t stiffen the suspension as much as I hoped , but then again I like the ride of a 3/4 ton. I also tried sumo spings and the...
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    Should I buy a 2024 Tacoma TRD Off Road?

    That was the same problem I had with my ‘19 Ranger.
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    Off road lights

    I cant bring myself to spend $900 for 2 lights. I bought some old school 100 watt halogen lights and just bolted them to the bumper. My alternator is over 200 amps, which is way bigger than they were in the 80's. I think the low draw of the LED's is a bit over hyped.
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    2024 Casita 17' Spirit Deluxe

    My grandpa would live out of a 13’ scamp when doing road construction out of state. He towed it with a diesel vw rabbit. I guess he was pretty frugal.
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    Truck vs SUV for towing

    Besides obvious differences in cargo and people hauling I’d say the biggest difference is fuel capacity. You’re not going to find many SUV’s with a 36 gallon fuel tank. That can really open up options when you’re touring around with your trailer getting 13mpg.
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    MPG Numbers for 2024 Tacoma 2.4T No Hybrid

    Seems about the same as my Ranger with the 2.3 turbo. This setup got 14mpg using the recommended 91 octane for towing. That 18 gallon tank is real lame when you're trying to make time across the wide open states and you have to stop every 2 hours for fuel.
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    Yetti's 19 ZR2 ( Zelda)

    On a few different trucks I've used these "tap a fuse" to trigger the auxiliary lights' relay. I like that it doesn't require modifying factory wiring. You just have to go through your fuse box with a test light and see which fuse goes hot when your highbeams are on. There are several styles...
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    2024 Casita 17' Spirit Deluxe

    I'm sure olivers are good but they're not worth three times the price of a Casita.
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    I'm BACK!!! 2023 F-250 Tremor build

    I wish I could find a Casita listed for sale around here in MN. Maybe one with the twin beds. Until then our Scamp will do. We’ve got the deluxe with the solid wood cabinets. It’s way better than the Forest River crap I work on every day. The scamp came with tiny tires. Even going to the 205/75...