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  1. RAFoutdoors

    Hitch/Bumper mount “chuck box” kitchen/bbq

    There is “Tailgate N Go” and ”Hitchfire” There should be YouTube videos for both. They were at Overland Expo
  2. RAFoutdoors

    Awning Mounting Options Help Sought

    I had the same issue for a long time. I have a 2013 Chevy Tahoe Z71 with the factory roof rack. I have wanted to mount a gear pod, roadshower and awning to the rails and cross bars. I mounted the gear pod and roadshower to the factory rack but was always concerned of the strain I was putting on...
  3. RAFoutdoors

    Does this belong here? Rechargeable flashlight recommendations

    My kids laugh at the number of flashlights I own. I have been using Streamlight Flashlights for 40 years. I have carried flashlights for work and have found the Streamlights to be great quality and a good value. Streamlight is an American company and the warranty was lifetime. They have...
  4. RAFoutdoors

    When to trade up? The economics of "new" vs "old"

    I am driving a 2013 Chevy Tahoe Z71. 106k mikes. Had been my daily driver until I bought my wife a new car and now drive her 2006 Honda CR-V which has 166k miles. The Honda works great as a daily driver and gets better gas mileage than the Tahoe. Tahoe lives in the garage and I have cut down...
  5. RAFoutdoors

    Defender Camping Videos on Youtube

    I have been watching this guy for a while. No dialog. Sometimes there are subtitles. He has a Jeep, a Renault travel van, an older Toyota and several Land Rovers. Whatever he does for work, he has a lot of cool gadgets. Interesting food prep and consumption. For some reason I think he is in...
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    My wife and I each have 10X42 Vortex Diamondback binoculars. I use to work for a big box outfitters store and spent a lot of time working with manufacturer reps and customers. We carried Vortex, Nikon, Zeiss, Swarovski, Steiner, Bushnell, Leica, Leopoldo etc. I spent a lot of time talking with...
  7. RAFoutdoors

    2022 Winnebago Revel - sold

    You might want to correct the title amount [$274,000) to the asking price ($174,00). Just a typo but it may cause some interested readers to just keep looking. GLWS
  8. RAFoutdoors

    Inflatable boats

    We had an AVON inflatable with a Yamaha 15hp outboard motor that we use to take camping. The boat was 11’ long and rated for 5 people. It did take up a fair amount of room. I agree that an inflatable floor would save weight and space. We had aluminum floorboards that were sometimes difficult to...
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    I bought an ARB 50qt fridge back in 2014 and know the quandary of justifying the expense. I did not share the cost with my wife until I was able to show (prove) to her the value of this investment. She loves it. It has been running pretty much non stop since we got it. Not only is it handy when...
  10. RAFoutdoors

    ImNoSaint's Tahoe Build

    WOW! What a great build. You are executing what I have only dreamed of. You have done very well planning out your needs and tastefully building it in a clean, no nonsense (or wasteful) way. I look forward to seeing more.
  11. RAFoutdoors

    Bathing Question

    There is also the Geyser System shower system. Uses one gallon of water at a time. One version has a heater and one does not. They have gotten pretty good reviews. I have no experience with them. They are available at REI.
  12. RAFoutdoors

    Bathing Question

    We use two methods. First are the bathing wipes. There are many on the market. Different size, with aloe, without aloe etc. we bath using these daily. Second method is a Road Shower II (now owned by Yakima). It is a passive solar shower that holds 5 gallons of water. New versions hold up to 10...
  13. RAFoutdoors

    2013 Suburban Z71

    I also had to replace the weatherstripping around the driver’s door. It fell apart at the sill. Its a common issue with this series.
  14. RAFoutdoors

    Skills to build my own expedition vehicle??

    I think it’s great to have all those (these) skills. My skills include signing contracts and writing checks. I wish I had skills. Good luck. I am looking forward to following your project.
  15. RAFoutdoors

    2013 Suburban Z71

    I installed the second battery primarily to power an ARB 50qt refrigerator which lives in the Tahoe all the time. Easier to justify the price of the fridge to the wife by telling her to use it when we go grocery shopping to get meats and dairy home. It’s nice always having cold drinks and lunch...
  16. RAFoutdoors

    2013 Suburban Z71

    Congratulations. I have a 2013 Z71 Tahoe. I have been driving Blazers, Yukons and Tahoes since 1981. You are going to love the road comforts. I put a second battery (there is a tray on driver,s side by the windshield washer reservoir) and isolator/charging system in. I run BF Goodrich AT KO2...
  17. RAFoutdoors

    Storage compartment liner?

    If the Dri-Dek (above) is more than you are looking for, maybe look at Gorilla Grip Original Drawer and Shelf Liner at Amazon. Good luck
  18. RAFoutdoors

    Storage compartment liner?

    I would look at Dri-Dek vinyl squares. They are interlocking 12” squares that can be purchased in different colors. They are easily trimmed to fit odd shape floors. They allow airflow underneath and do a great job cushioning things. Can be removed and hosed off. We used them in our Rescue Boats...
  19. RAFoutdoors

    Will it start?

    That’s great ladies. Good job getting Merlin running. Sounds very smooth and ready for more adventures. Keep rolling.
  20. RAFoutdoors

    Need PV plus a ski box. Can I mount flexible PV panels ON the ski box?

    I believe YAKIMA is releasing their new CBX line of Cargo Boxes with an integrated solar panel. It is due to be released in August 2020 and comes in a 16 and 18 cubic foot version. Don’t know the size of the panel but maybe this will fit your needs. I am sure it will probably be pricey.