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  1. Arjan

    My Journey

    As usual, stunning pictures. Many thanks.
  2. Arjan

    My Journey

    Stunning ! Thanks
  3. Arjan

    New to me Tercel 4wd wagon

    Rust is the main issue. Gearbox needs respect but works very well. Normally FWD and either a lever - or low 1st - activates 4WD. The engine is not too powerful but as it weights not a lot does the job. But they are a rare beast and thus parts are a challenge. Normal consumables aren't but it...
  4. Arjan

    '91 Toyota Pick - MA to Alaska and Back

    Thanks ! Please keep them coming.
  5. Arjan

    65 days of Canada - 22000+km's

    Many, many thanks. Awesome trip !
  6. Arjan

    My Journey

    You can be very proud of that hard work !! Like your Goldens, Miya likes to help and supervise.... Thanks for sharing !
  7. Arjan

    L322 Project: Bacon Slayer

    Nice. You've been busy !
  8. Arjan

    My Journey

    Stunning pictures - thank you very much !! Not sure why you'd not be "an overlander".... You're traveling over land. Enjoy and be safe.
  9. Arjan

    Canadian Forces G270 "G-Wagon" being sold surplus, first I have seen.

    Can only be sold to be scrapped..... Why bother ?
  10. Arjan

    My Journey

    Thanks - awesome pics as usual. Goldens seem to have a good time, too !
  11. Arjan

    Dirt Sunrise: Tim and Kelsey get lost...

    Glad to see you under a good roof. Still not sure about you on bikes though.. Have fun and be safe !
  12. Arjan

    Hodakaguy's 4x4 Sprinter Build

    Nice. Never seen them on this side of the Atlantic.
  13. Arjan

    My Journey

    You feel good out on the road again. The Goldens obviously love it as they're always wanting to see what is next behind that tree... Safe travels.
  14. Arjan

    06 power wagon

    Very Nice !
  15. Arjan

    1978 Land Rover 101 Forward Control build

    That looks very nice ! Lot and lots of fun !
  16. Arjan

    Hodakaguy's 4x4 Sprinter Build

    Seriously good work shown. Hat off to you Sir
  17. Arjan

    My Journey

    GREAT to see some updates !!!!! Man, that is a beautiful area where you live. Not bad here but yours.... Love the Golden pics (obviously) and happy to see they're well. Many thanks
  18. Arjan

    New to me Tercel 4wd wagon

    `The Mrs. got emotional talking about this post.. This was ours....
  19. Arjan

    New to me Tercel 4wd wagon

    We had one of those back in Holland and it was a great machien ! They, obviously, do rust so keep an eye on the usu places. Enjoy !!