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    Kona Fire Mountain 45% off, opinions needed.

    This is just my 2 cents, but I would not be in the market for a bike at that price point. I have had a few bikes in that range, and in my personal experience they tend to break at a higher rate. In the end the hassle and cost to fix it wasn't worth it to me any longer. In the end I upgraded to...
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    2009+ RAM 2500/3500 Goose Gear Seat Delete w/ Drawers

    If I wasn't out of the country until mid April I would be planning a trip to Bend right now, sending you a PM just in case you want to hang on to them for a bit longer...
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    2020 Jeep Rubicon 2 Door - AEV Upfitted Sting Grey - The Ultimate Remote Work Station - 29k miles

    It is interesting that you mention it is ban worth, yet the same individual who posted a "derogatory comment on another member's classified ad" has done this on multiple occasions and yet is still here repeating the same behavior. His comments detract from each for sale thread he post on, and...
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    2020 Jeep Rubicon 2 Door - AEV Upfitted Sting Grey - The Ultimate Remote Work Station - 29k miles

    I am not convinced this is a true Jeep Wrangler, perhaps he should provide pictures of it on the assembly line. Back to being serious, this is a beautiful Jeep with top quality parts! I miss my 2dr JK and if I could downsize I would happily sell my Power Wagon to get this jeep. Best of luck...
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    2020 Jeep Rubicon 2 Door - AEV Upfitted Sting Grey - The Ultimate Remote Work Station - 29k miles

    Oh good he is back... Everyone knows you are not interested in the vehicle; you just like to pop into every thread that says AEV anywhere in it to interject your opinions on the brand. It is not helpful to the seller nor any serious buyers who would do their own due diligence on the provenance...
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    Ram 3500 - Spare tire options for 37s.

    Has anyone run 37's on their truck, but with a 35" spare? I know it wouldn't be ideal, but over a short distance would the 2" diameter difference lead to long term issues? I am just thinking it would be similar to running a space saver spare on a passenger car, put it on the steer axle and use...
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    Ram 3500 - Spare tire options for 37s.

    I have held off on moving up to 37's because of the limitations for mounting a spare. In the bed is not an option, I have the Retrax tonneau cover with the Leitner ACS so I cant mount it vertically like those with the AEV tire holder. The bed space is needed for mountain bikes so laying the...
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    Vehicle Camera Storage Ideas?

    I just ordered this to hold my camera, it should fit comfortably on my lower center console. I have used my larger camera bag in that location but it seems to be too bulky, this is designed for a single camera with a extra small lens. I have not received it yet, but for a shipped price of...
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    New 2023 Ram 2500 Rebel

    I will look into that, and I am also considering the Carli kit with upgraded rear springs. Currently I run Airlift bags with Daystar cradles, I keep them at 3-5psi unloaded and about 20psi when towing and it helps out tremendously.
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    New 2023 Ram 2500 Rebel

    Congrats on the new truck! I am a bit jealous. If I didn't already have a Power Wagon, I would be seriously considering the 2500 Rebel. It is probably a better truck for my needs than my current truck, but I can't justify trading up into something at the moment. My truck does a decent job...
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    Ram 2500 gasoline extended gas tank help

    I went back a few pages and saw what you were referring to. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Looks like for now I will stick with the stock tank and a 4 gallon Rotopax.
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    Ram 2500 gasoline extended gas tank help

    NUT. SPRING. MOUNTING. Qty: 2: 06034990 STRAP. FUEL TANK. Qty: 1: 68397065AC STRAP. FUEL TANK. Qty: 1: 68397066AC SHIELD. FUEL TANK. Qty: 1: 68502201AA TANK. FUEL. Qty: 1: 68534615AB These are the parts listed in the Mopar parts catalog for a 48 gallon tank, the compatibility...
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    Wagan Tech 400W Pure Sine Wave Inverter - NIB

    Not quite, the EL2610 is on Amazon for $99, but he is selling the EL3800 which lists for $189.95 before shipping.
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    1991 Born Free President 19ft (Low Miles) - taking offers (Franklin, TN)

    Unfortunately it seems that this is becoming more common.
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    1991 Born Free President 19ft (Low Miles) - taking offers (Franklin, TN)

    If you have been offered anything over $10k take the money and run. Its a cool old van, but brining it back to proper working condition will probably take $5-7k on top of the purchase price. Also maybe take the time to move it out from under a tree and wash it before trying to sell it...
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    Goal Zero Nomad 20 Portable Solar Panels BRAND NEW - SOLD ALL

    I will vouch for them, they are definitely real people haha Met up with them earlier today to get one solar panel and one battery bank. Awesome couple with some sweet jeeps and a killer trailer. Would not hesitate to trust them to ship, they were kind enough to meet me near where I work, are...
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    2022 JAMES BAROUD Rooftop Tent Space M + Anti-condensation Mattress

    This is posted in the In Search Of and Want To Buy forum, it might get more visibility if you have it posted in the For Sale section under Expedition Equipment.
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    2008 GMC 4X4 C4500 $193,000.00

    "Hypothetical Person" Huh I have something I want to sell, maybe I should take some up close photos that are out of focus and hope for the best. No need to clean up the clutter or wipe down anything, just hope the prospective buyers like things that way. Providing maintenance history on...