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    Why don't we see more Ford Ranger builds

    Eh, the same motor is in the Bronco with a manual trans...
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    2021 Titan XD Pro-4X w/ Ovrlnd Camper

    Looks great. I had a Nissan Frontier Pro4x i really liked. When i was looking to replace it, i was looking hard at Titans and Tundras. Ended up with a nice '20 Tundra just because the deal was there, but i occasionally think i should have held out for a Titan. They are lot of truck for the...
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    HodakaGuy's FJ40 Thread

    Looks great! Now can we talk about that oil pressure gauge? ;)
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    1989 GMC Suburban "Trail Boss" conversion

    Cool project. I like those aluminum wheels! you should try to keep those, they look like they'd clean up nicely.
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    F150 Tremor vs diesel Silverado ZR2?

    Exactly. How big is the Chevy fuel tank size? Ford at least has a 32 or so gallon? Also, i keep mentioning in threads that talk about the small chevy duramax motor...they have a wet belt in the back of the motor for the oil pump. People keep saying they are good for 100 or 200k miles...
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    you'll love it...probably ;)
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    I think the 790/890 variants are all built in China now, is that right? Includes the Norden too? Rode with a guy who has the Norden 901, whatever the high level "Adventure" or R model is these days. Very nice looking bike. Beefy skid plate. I really like the blue color. I have a 690 R...
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    Talk me out of a Chevy Trail Boss Duramax 3.0

    Still a bit too new for those motors. Ford has been using them on mostly smaller motors and in Europe. Search youtube and you'll see many examples. The belts degrade, teeth strip off and/or clog the oil pickup. The fords seem to be on the front of the motor, but the duramax belt is on the...
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    MPG Numbers for 2024 Tacoma 2.4T No Hybrid

    Exactly, the small tank is gonna be a downfall with towing. I'm in the same boat with your Ram with my Tundra. Yep, it'll get the same mileage but at least the tank is huge so i still get range at least. When i had my Frontier, towing the gas light would come on every 160miles or so (with a...
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    Talk me out of a Chevy Trail Boss Duramax 3.0

    3.0 Duramax still has the wet oil pump belt doesn't it? That should be an immediate no-go for anyone planning to keep the truck more than 50k miles. No excuse for that and not worth the hassle.
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    2020 Tiger Bengal

    haha, my exact thoughts. They are cool but not that cool.
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    2020 Ford Ranger questions

    Dont forget the Rangers have a pretty small gas tank too...
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    Simplest truck bed fridge setup?

    How long are you camping for? If you drive the truck every day or even every other day, just wire it to the starter battery. I toss my fridge in the back of my car, it's wired the same in the truck. I don't sit for days at a time when on the road, no issues. I have another battery, dc to dc...
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    Alu Cab vs A.R.E. Bed caps

    I’ve had 2 ARE toppers now. Both standard versions with the Yakima roof racks. Other than the paint not being the bestest (as noted), they have been great. I’ve had a RTT, roof box, kayaks, whatever. Never had an issue, on road, off-road, etc. Get the vented windoors and drop down front window...
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    Nissan titan xd rear locker

    Didn't the pro4x models come with one? or did the XD miss out on that?
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    Differential Gear oil temp with water in it VS with out

    Run a test for us! get baseline readings as it is now, then dump in a quart of water and let us know if the temp changes. For science ;)
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    Is the TRD 3" Suspension Lift Kit for a 2024 Tundra sufficient for an Alu cabin build?

    Well...the kit re-uses the stock rear springs i believe. Oh, and the TRD skidplate (if you have one) no longer fits with the lift installed. The kit also included blanks to remove the factory fog lights.
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    Truck shell - Driving with the back window open

    You'd be surprised... They are pretty strong and the glass doesn't weight that much. for on road stuff, you shouldn't have a problem. Rough rough stuff, maybe just strap the window down, use a pool noodle or something for cushioning.
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    Maxing out your truck’s payload

    A Cat scale at a truck stop will allow you to weigh axles separately. Either way, you're over on both. Take it for what it is. Is it the end of the world? No. Would it handle better on a F350? Yep. You've got what you've got. Drive safe and take your risks without putting anyone else in...
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    Perfect off-highway tire = LTX? What?

    Uh oh, the couldn't come through on pricing?