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    Baja Designs 40” S8 Light Bar - SoCal

    Hi all, Up for sale is a 40” Baja Designs S8 light bar with amber combo lenses. I’m also including brand new clear spot lenses that you can swap in if you wish. A couple very minor knicks in the aluminum on the back, but none on the face of the light. Pickup in 92130. To prevent scammers, I...
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    SOLD Front runner rack

    Appreciate the lookout @gabrielef ! Not a scammer (at least I hope I’m not lol) and that definitely is not my email address. To anyone looking to buy this. Please communicate with me by messaging on here. Since this is a big item that will need to be picked up (sorry, but not shipping), im...
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    SOLD Front runner rack

    Up for sale is a front runner rack. Currently set up as 49.5” wide by 49” long. Have the extension pieces to make the rack an additional 20.5” longer, so can be set up as 69.5” long by 49.5” wide. Also have the two wind deflectors and custom mounts with lights on them. Pickup in 92130
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    SOLD - 4x innovations swing out kit

    Up for sale we have a 4x innovations passenger side swing out kit to make your own rear bumper swing out. Decided to not do a swingout on my rear bumper so this kit is up for sale. $115 shipped from 92130
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    SOLD: Diamond k9000 motorized antenna mount

    Up for sale is an extra diamond k9000 motorized antenna mount I have laying around. Have one on my truck for my weboost and purchased this to operate a ham antenna. Decided to go with a compact antenna so this is going up for sale. if you run a weboost and are using the rhino rack folding...
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    SOLD - 13 gal rooftop/rack water tank

    Up for sale I have a 13 gal rooftop water tank by Ironman. Was on my truck for about 6 months. Going a different was with my water setup. Good condition, pickup in 92130. $75
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    WTB 83L Roam Case Black - SoCal

    Found one. Thanks all!
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    WTB 83L Roam Case Black - SoCal

    Hi all, looking for a black 83L roam case I SoCal. If you have one shoot me a message. Thanks, Nick
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    ARB compressor wiring harness PN 180415

    For sale is a brand new arb wiring harness PN 180415. Decided to not use a manifold so no need for this harness with my setup. $30 shipped or $25 picked up in 92130
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    SOLD Morrflate TenSix Air Compressor

    Up for sale is my Morrflate TenSix air compressor. Great condition; only used a handful of times. Also comes with the bag and sticker (if you want it). $200 picked up in 92130.
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    Front Runner rack slats, 50% off

    Awesome. Thanks for the reply. I have a band saw and mill so should be OK. I remembered about the recessed nut but for some reason thought the ends were folded over on that nut to keep it in place. Will have to go look at my rack and see how many slats I could use
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    Front Runner rack slats, 50% off

    Can these be shortened to work with other sizes? Cut then drill/tap as needed?
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    SOLD KB Voodoo Max Modular Tonneau Brackets

    Selling because I realized the odds of me completing this project are pretty slim. $85 picked up in 92130 or you cover shipping
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    SOLD Baja Designs XL Pros

    Selling my BD XL Pros with covers and security hardware. They’re wired for Deutsch connectors but I’m including BD connectors if you want to switch them back over. Pickup in 92130 but will ship if you cover the cost. $500
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    As soon as I suspect something fishy I usually alert a staff member. They’re usually pretty good at sniffing them out