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    For Sale: Camping Trailer - Squareback Teardrop - $6,500 - Atlanta, GA

    Bump for offers. Updated listing with recent maintenance/repairs.
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    For Sale: Camping Trailer - Squareback Teardrop - $6,500 - Atlanta, GA

    Selling our family camper since we’ve outgrown it. Purchased January 2017 from the original builder. He put about 10k miles on it and I’ve put about 2k. Has been garage kept for entire ownership. It’s very well built and handles off-road terrain with ease. Easy to connect and drive with. Very...
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    Prioritizing your build components (Looking for guidance)

    Congrats on the LC. Use your truck for a while until you can feel what you need. They are very capable in stock form. Don’t follow what’s cool or good on the internet just for the sake of doing modifications. Based on what you’ve provided, you’d be set for a long while with 285 BFG AT KO2s...
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    portable propane BBQ?

    O-Grill 3000 / Napoleon 2225 is great for grilling. Q1000 is good too, but smaller and less portable.
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    Raised Hitch Cargo Carrier

    Pictures attached but none of the basket mounted to my LC. It’s helped a lot but I’m not getting too extreme.
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    Raised Hitch Cargo Carrier

    I’ve done it. As simple as it sounds. I raised mine 10-12” by replacing the male tube that goes into the hitch. Made a new one with two 90s in it to make it taller.
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    6’4” here. It works for me, but more room would be nice. I keep the seat all the way down.
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    200 simple build family rig

    You might check into the adjustable bilstein struts for the front, to get up to 1.5". Also there is an OEM spacer that gives a nice level stance. Those will help clear 285s, but not needed. Go see Slee and you'll get excellent guidance.
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    Sequoia lifted w/tires and wheels!

    Can you provide more details on the mounting of the winch? Which mount, how is it attached to the frame, what modifications were needed to make it fit? Thanks. Great build.
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    Land Cruiser 200 Suspension

    sub'd :coffee:
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    My GX470

    Dan, I've always liked the GX platform and I'm a big fan of your build. Keep up the great work. I hope we can get out on the trails soon. How was your experience with ACC? Please PM me. Thx Ryan
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    PFRAN's UZJ100 (2002 Land Cruiser 100 Series)

    Looking great. I've got a 200 in Atlanta. I'll slowly get to your level. Yall hollar if you're doing any mild trips soon. I check ExPo, Mud, GA Cruisers a couple times a week. Looking forward to seeing these in action. Ryan
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    LJ_24 100 series build thread

    Nice mod. Install details? Cut and mount in plastic, splice into existing wires or new wirimg with a switch?
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    Land Cruiser 200 - an overland build up

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    Slow build of the 4runner

    Grind the arm. Thats what i did to my '00 with stock wheels and 285s. Very common solution.
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    Post up your drawer/storage system

    Bump. Please expand on this topic!