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    My Journey

    Yes, thanks for the pictures of my beloved New Mexico. It made me smile.
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    To New Adventures - Travel + Photos

    Special ordered an 81 Jeep Commando in 1981 with the AMC straight 6. Had a problem with valves right away and it was covered by the manufacturer. Had no further problems with the engine for many miles and years. I look forward to your posts.
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    Driven To Wander - Vancouver to Patagonia

    Loved your approach to overlanding and my wife and I learned several things about our planet. THANKS.
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    Overlanding Mexico, Is anyone else out there?

    Mantenga las imágenes que vienen. Son, young grandson and I have a short visit to Puerto Lobos, Norte de Sonora this month. Thanks for your Mexico travel blog. Your pics and words a reminder of how travel outside comfort zones can be a great experience. Tocando los bordes delgados de la vida.
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    Timber Me Ginger's Solo Cross Country Scooter Adventure!

    ;) tears of joy. You made me and my wife :)
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    Earth Romer Article in Denver Post today

    FYI Interesting that a new proposal LARGE Earth Romer vehicle might approach close to $1,000,000 one of these days (my opinion) given the upper end prices of "smaller" current models.
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    [YEAR 7!] Quit our jobs, sold our home, gone riding...

    3 years later, I love your respectful photography-appreciation of people different from me, laughter factor, world view approach to travel and your unique understanding of EXPEDITION. In particular, the section on travel to Cuba, in Cuba and from Cuba was totally new to this Norte de...
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    US Cross country and down to Panama with kids

    I've camped 6 times over the years on the west coast of Mexico in a small remote fishing village. Half of those trips with my children. Trips began when the youngest was 7. One of my children ended up living in the Norte De Sonora area working as a pescador for a year. No problems in Mexico...
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    Antique Land Cruiser on the road since 2003

    235 x 85x 16? 235 x 85 x 16?
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    1993 Dodge Ram Cummins W250 - should I buy this?

    92 Dodge Diesel 4x4 Extended Cab. - $5975 (Strasburg, Cololrado) FYI. Someone posted this today in Craigslist. Strasberg is about 35 minutes from Denver International Airport.
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    unURBAN Adventures - Alaska to Argentina to AFRICA!

    Your last picture is now my desktop picture. A whole bunch of others have done the same with this and/or other of your great shots.....
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    Antique Land Cruiser on the road since 2003

    breather at the back of the transmission I read a little more on MUD. The jury is out whether or not the diff breather unscrews or is pressed in. Pop it out and thread it. If threaded, unscrew it and put in a nipple. Some of the transmission applications required a 90 degree nipple. I...
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    Antique Land Cruiser on the road since 2003

    breather at the back of the transmission The "cogs" offer grip to unscrew the breather.
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    Antique Land Cruiser on the road since 2003

    breather at the back of the transmission Try using a small chisel and small hammer to gently unscrew the breather. If you are not comfortable with that, try plan B. Pop the transmission breather cap off. Braze a short pipe extension. Flare the end slightly prior to attaching the breather...
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    Antique Land Cruiser on the road since 2003

    Regarding: "...leafs of the leafsprings..." and stiff u bolts As you properly tighten the nuts on each leaf spring pack u bolt, a small amount of distortion or stretching occurs. It can change so much that the nuts are very hard to get off, even with no rust. A local spring shop...
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    Travel vs. Truck - Nathan's Grand ExPoordition

    Things to do near Salida East of Salida on Hwy 50 is a 4x4 road over Hayden Pass. It drops into the San Louis Valley. To the right (more or less West) at the top of this Sangre De Cristo mountain pass you can find spots with a great view of the San Louis valley it's sand dunes. On the...