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  1. johnnyrover

    Summer Overlanding in Nunavut at 69 deg. N. Latitude - The Search for the Tomb of Captain Sir John Franklin Continues!! (part 1)

    oh the memories, we canoed a number of northern Canadian rivers, including my favorite the Thelon. Greatly appreciate the post.
  2. johnnyrover

    Kitchen Kit/Chuck Box

    I am a bit bias, but love those designs.... had done something years ago that was similar:
  3. johnnyrover

    anyone make bunk beds in the back of their suburban?

    I have considered a similar idea, you should do it!
  4. johnnyrover

    600+ Unimog U1300s (all styles) ex-Mod for sale, Doncaster, UK

    Mercedes Unimog U1300L 4x4 cargo van, LHD with Turbo engine and including fast axles, , 1988 53,031 kilometers, Tyre size 12.5R20, EX.MOD 1988 , from 15,000 to 25,000 kms, Tyre size is 12.5-20, EX.MOD £29,500
  5. johnnyrover


    they are upside down in the ad too
  6. johnnyrover

    Anyone know the history of this truck? I have given up trying to find my old XD, so it is time to build something new.
  7. johnnyrover

    2005 Ford F350 Super Duty XL Crew Cab 4WD Rescue/Brush Truck
  8. johnnyrover

    1995 Land Rover Discovery 300Tdi R380 - SOLD

    I have a 1978 Oldsmobile Toronado I would happily trade.....
  9. johnnyrover

    Kitchen Kit/Chuck Box

    still like this design
  10. johnnyrover

    1997 F350 Crew Cab Long Bed 7.5l 460

    Terribly sorry for the news. will PM you about the truck
  11. johnnyrover

    SOLD: 1996 Ford E350 ext length Sportsmobile 4x4, 7.3l diesel, 14-16mpg, new trans, tons of new parts!!

    I have a 09 Suburban, 78 Olds Toronado, and a few kids I could trade....