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  1. yesplesiosaur

    2022 Dodge Ram 3500 Bighorn crew cab 4x4 w/ Total Composites Shell $115,000 OBO

    Would you be open to selling the truck and flatbed without the shell?
  2. yesplesiosaur

    2019 F350 6.2L 4WD build thread; HPI flatbed, ATO AterraXL composite camper, Carli/King, 37s, 4.88s, etc

    Strongly considering pulling the trigger on a very similar setup. Would you mind sharing any learnings you have had having it for a few years now? Are you still stoked?
  3. yesplesiosaur

    XPCamper V2 on very low miles Ford F250 (Lake Tahoe, CA)

    How much solar is on it and also what is the total amp hours of the batteries? How hard is it to popup? Looks like a sick rig.
  4. yesplesiosaur


    Oh bummer. I was hoping I was wrong. Unfortunately my camper needs 80 inches.
  5. yesplesiosaur


    Hey! I am potentially interested, given this is so close to what I'm looking for. If I'm doing my math correctly, the available tray (not including the box) is 76"?