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    Overkill Campers

    Posting for the wider audience since Overkill went from a minor annoyance for the few to a full-on ponzi scheme...the following legal firm is very familiar with Overkill and has been used by a few forum members: Jack A. Wray Zantello Law Group 2941 NW Hwy 101, Ste. A Lincoln City, OR 97367 P...
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    Overkill Campers

    This follows the very unfortunate and frustrating pattern of Overkill: make grand statements; give scant details; and request large, early deposits. Classic model of over-promise and under-perform. These guys have taken a lot of money from wide-eyed customers, only to waste it on their own...
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    Overkill Campers

    Not this guy. Just over a year into dealing with this messed up company and still trying to come to a financial resolution.
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    Overkill Campers

    No, at least I haven't. Still battling through the process. I either get no response or threats back from Overkill. Last option for me is the legal route. I'm afraid your post last month regarding ponzi schemes and business sense vs manufacturing skill seems very appropriate here. It's likely I...
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    Overkill Campers

    Get in line...I'm still trying to get my deposit back! In Overkill's warped universe they consider a negative, yet truthful post on a public forum (my comments above) to be defamation and are threatening to sue me! If you're considering doing business with Overkill, don't. If you've given them...
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    WTB: AT Overland Habitat for Ram 1500 5.5' Bed

    Long shot...anyone willing to part with an AT Overland Habitat? Pairing with a Ram 1500 with 5.5' bed. On East Coast.
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    For Sale: Fully-kitted 2015 AT Chaser Trailer with extensive custom features and fabrication want it gone, price drop to $35,000 OBO

    Beautiful trailer(s)...admiring from a distance. AT quality combined with some really great, functional upgrades. Well thought-out and executed. Good luck with sale!
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    2012 4Runner Build

    Always scary to cut into your roof! Very nicely done. Looking forward to the build progression.
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    Overkill Campers

    Long time listener, first time caller... I've followed Expedition Portal and this thread in particular for a long time, but didn't even have an account to post until just recently. I am one of those customers who's had a contract with Overkill recently (this summer) and can tell you...