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    1997 Mitsubishi Fuso Canter JDM right hand drive 4wd 4d35 4.6l Diesel $44k

    =AZWkXjxA5RMmfqM6CzgbhFYxHzgcHVQl7Cp0znaXg6MVf50_RX94vhyD-v_L0zrbvdDUIqJzraJSLWZ1I8ghzZ3z_TF3cvGzU0_y4b_MpSDhrA4DYcp270zK9_lVFjvMuQGPP6P5lMCRF80vk1kbt6h4cHh6UCZrUmPjPI03y677dw&__tn__=-UC%2CP-R']Alex Trip Top contributor · 49m · 1997 Mitsubishi Fuso Canter JDM right hand drive 4wd 4d35 4.6l...
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    FOR SALE 4wd Turbo Diesel High top Mazda Bongo 22k

    My name is Dave and this is Emotion. We’ve spent a lot of time together, but I am moving onto a long trip to South America and unfortunately need to let her go. This is an amazing 4wd 2.5l turbo diesel camper. Full standing height inside with sleeping room for 4 (two on top and two on the...
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    Toyota Land Cruiser Turbo Diesel
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    4d34T Exhaust Manifold

    FYI the 4d34t manifold fits right onto the 4d35. Turbo here I COME!!! (in september)
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    4d34T Exhaust Manifold

    I'm starting the process in setting up a turbo on my 4d35. I don't know anyone who has a 4d34t. I need the measurements for the bolt pattern on a 4d34t exhaust manifold. If anyone can either point me to the right place or has these measurements? if it fits this will save me lots of time...
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    Canter 4x4 factory lifted project

    Minor Updates from this project. Put on new wheels and tires. Rebuilt the leaf springs. Was collecting all the parts to make it a pop top. Now the real work begins.
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    Anyone ever tow with there Fuso?

    i have a 24 volt system. how do you step down from that to a 12 volt tow system?
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    Just got back from the Northwest Rally...where were you guys???

    I had some work/life constraints. Next year will be better planed. Hope it was fun!
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    Canter 4x4 factory lifted project

    Those are JDM MOG is right. Difference at night is noticeable, but i wouldn't say that much more. I'll be installing LED for sure! As for lawn mower. It's the closest "off road" we had to the garage.
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    Canter 4x4 factory lifted project

    Today was a milestone. New leaf springs (rebuilt) are on! Huge difference in driving feel. Ordered new shock absorbers as well as these ones are dead. Repainted all the faded parts. Got rid of most of the surface rust and also undercoated those fixed spots. The truck is a dream so far...
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    Canter 4x4 factory lifted project

    Hey Dan, Seems like the spacers that come on most Fuso/canters are about a 1/4 inch thicker and that's what we will need. This one is thinner. I didn't know that until now. I think we will bent the steering link a bit ourselves to accommodate that.
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    Canter 4x4 factory lifted project

    Our Insurance is not privatized it's a government insurance agency. About $120 canadian a month for full insurance.
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    Canter 4x4 factory lifted project

    Hey Allan, We are planning to converting it into a camper. The box runs at 6 by 11 feet.
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    Canter 4x4 factory lifted project

    Truck is here and in my hands. Engine bay is basically new. Very minor surface rust on the body which will be an easy clean. Truck is factory undercoated. Things we discovered that we didn't know the truck originally had. It has a 30k lbs rear hydraulic winch. Works like a charm. And air...
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    Canter 4x4 factory lifted project

    Turns out there is not diff lock (haven't found it yet if there is). The lever is for engaging the hydraulic/air compressor.
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    FGs for sale

    Check this one out. Bob is finally selling his JDM Beast
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    5 lug Fuso rim measurement HELP

    I confirm. Go with Alans rims though. Those babies are worth it. They'll run you about $1900 US with shipping from AUS. Good Luck