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    *SOLD* Excursion / F250 Wheels and Tires

    Bump for the weekend
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    *SOLD* Excursion / F250 Wheels and Tires

    Wheels, caps, lug nuts and tires off a 2000 Ford Excursion. Overall very nice shape, but these are 23 year old wheels and not perfect by any stretch. Tires are 2015 so they are date coding out. Even wear and plenty of tread, but they are getting old. We tow a travel trailer so it was time for...
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    ***SOLD*** 2002 VW Eurovan Weekender, 126k miles, Clean Title - $28k - So. California

    This van belongs to a friend. Our families have camped all over California together and the VW is as reliable as they come. Also gets a lot of attention when we are out. Will be a wonderful rig for the next family.
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    Like new Smittybilt scout trailer with Tepui 4 season tent

    Super clean trailer I have seen in person and a good guy. Will be a nice set up for someone.
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    SOLD Tepui Foothill rooftop tent

    Hello, Selling my Thule Tepui Foothill roof top tent. Bought it last year and used on one trip then sold my JK. Got a new Gladiator and it has the capacity for a bigger tent so I will be upgrading to a hard shell. No smells or issues. Comes with all hardware, rainfly, ladder etc. Has been in...
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    SOLD. For Sale: 2017 Conqueror UEV-490 Extreme

    These are great trailers. GLWS!
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    FS: Socal Tepui Autana 4 Person Tent with Annex - Olive Green *SOLD

    Never got a reply from this post or the local CL ad when it went up.
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    *SOLD* Kimberley Kamper 2002

    What a great trailer, can't believe someone hasn't jumped on this. Really nice set up.
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    FS: Socal Tepui Autana 4 Person Tent with Annex - Olive Green *SOLD

    Sent you a message via the local CL ad. Thanks
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    For Sale: Ursa Minor SOLD —J30 Pop-up Camper Hard Top -- Los Angeles, CA

    Looks like a really nice top, always liked these. GLWS
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    Hello, Interested in the Hannibal if you haven't sold it. I am local - live in Woodland Hills...

    Hello, Interested in the Hannibal if you haven't sold it. I am local - live in Woodland Hills and work over at Cedars. Give me a call if you haven't found anyone local. I am thinking it will work well on our van but could put it on the jeep as well. Thanks, Patrick 310.904.8347
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    FS (3) JK Wheels with like new 255/75/17 Goodyear Wranglers (Socal/LA) $100

    Good deal for someone local who can use them. I have 3, three, just three, there are only three, JK 17" wheels with like new Goodyear Wranglers 255/75/17 tires. They are off my Livinlite Jeep Trailer. Went with a bigger tire/wheel combo. The wheels are a gray color not silver. Pictures come...
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    My Taxa Cricket mod/build...

    Really nice build. Going to be great when you get it all set up. I ended up getting a Livin Lite Jeep trailer and going to do some mild changes to it. How do you like the Ark XO Jack? That is on my list. Already put on the Lock n Roll hitch.
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    FS-Taxa Cricket trailer frame-Denver, CO

    Make me three. Really interested in seeing what you are doing with the cricket as well. Have my eye on a Tiger Moth
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    jk 4dr Rhino Backbone Roof Rack

    It bolts down at each of the 6 brackets. Very sturdy. Recently switched my platform out for the 3 aero cross bar system. Cant load it up as easily with random stuff, but makes it easier for the cargo box and still can mont my foxing awning to it. Really versatile set up. Get the quick release...
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    Teraflex Falcon 3.3 Shocks- Install & Review

    I won't disagree with you at all on the bilsteins! I have a set of air lift bags on the rear. Did not add any air to them for the last trip - just the few psi or so that are in them with no load on. Could have added a couple pounds to make up for the weight but really wasn't necessary. May take...
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    Teraflex Falcon 3.3 Shocks- Install & Review

    Thought I would add to the discussion. Installed the Falcon 3.1's on my JKU with a 2.5 AEV lift and 35" wildpeaks. They are far better than the bilsteins that were on. Install was pretty easy as noted. My rear driver side brake line rubbed just a touch and wore a small hole in the decal - just...