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  1. salstoy

    How to make a cheap isolated dual-battery setup for $50

    I’d like an update regarding any hurdles to date that you may have encountered. Also, what extra accessories are you running in your vehicle and has this set up worked well for it
  2. salstoy

    Freespirit Recreation RTT annex

    Make offer
  3. salstoy

    Fully integrated water tank, pump, water heater in a 5g sceptre?

    I made this myself and works fantastic. Does t have a heater though.
  4. salstoy

    Folding table ideas

    Krick the leg it’s perched on is like one of the those expanding paint poles so yes! If I don’t tighten the thumb screws too tight I can then adjust the leg to what ever height I want.
  5. salstoy

    Freespirit Recreation RTT annex

    Brand new Freespirit Recreation roof top tent annex ONLY. LOCATION: Fair Oaks California 95628 The annex is a zip on “room” for your roof top tent. It’s navy blue and gray and never been used. Fits the FSR original series 48” tent. This tent is similar in design as other tents on the market...
  6. salstoy

    Folding table ideas

    Love everyones ideas and love making stuff. So I came up with this table. Sorry pics aren't the best. The table leg and towel holder holds away nicely for easy storage. I used riv-nuts in my tailgate to attach the table to with thumb screws. When the screws are not in use, I added 2 riv-nuts to...
  7. salstoy

    Folding table ideas

    Recently I got it in my head that I need to make a folding drop-down table for my Tacoma. I like something similar to the Smitty built table that they make for jeep tailgates. My questions are has anyone developed their own fold-down table for their pick up truck and if so where and how did you...
  8. salstoy

    Megellan trx7 or other gps?

    I’m very interested in the Magellan TR5 or TR7. Both are reasonably priced. I have yet to read any reviews on the products so I’m being cautious. Has anyone used or has any experience with these? I want the convenience of a GPS unit that has all the trail locations already at my fingertips. I...
  9. salstoy

    Simple mapping needed

    So I've read and searched on this forum and the internet for the info I'm looking for. But now asking all of you. I want a basic map system, app, reader etc that I can use off line on an android tablet. I'm not looking for anything fancy, just the ability to read maps using GPS. Don't want...
  10. salstoy

    Battleship Jones: 2015 Tacoma DCLB Build Thread

    What trail is that in Moab?? Absolutely stunning! Also love your OCD attention to detail on all the work.