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  1. indiedog

    Lola - 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee

    Hey mate. Shame your thread got shagged by Photo Bucket, much good stuff in it. I was trying to find the info on your roof rack fabrication. If you've got anything on that I'd appreciate it. Thanks.
  2. indiedog

    Australian No.5 1/2 ton Military trailer build

    Looking good Daz, keep it going. And with the amount of rainfall we've had in Brisbane recently I doubt anything would burn currently!! :)
  3. indiedog

    Australian No.5 1/2 ton Military trailer build

    Dazza, welcome to ExPo mate. You've got a fantastic piece of Aussie history there so straight up I'm going to say, work with it. Look at the examples by others when working with these things as there are some very well thought out mods as options to achieve a comfortable camper. So the RTT route...
  4. indiedog

    Toby the Turtleback Trailer Build Thread

    Impressive work you've done. Look forward to seeing it all in action.
  5. indiedog

    Post favorite pics of your rig and trailer

    Adam, nice number plate. :D How did you get that registered over there?
  6. indiedog

    Off-road teardrop scratch-build

    Rob, there's no way that just wetting it down and letting it dry in the shape you want will get that piece to stay that way without some external forces holding it there. If it can bend while dry to the shape you want then there's really no need to wet it down. You will have to add some gussets...
  7. indiedog

    Off-road teardrop scratch-build

    Prob a little late to assist unless you've got the bits you cut off your formwork pieces, but the formwork I've seen from the composite panel guys and ply guys is usually on the outside of the bend, not the inside. That way you don't need clamps to keep it in place and you have the inside free...
  8. indiedog

    Off-road teardrop scratch-build

    Hi Rob. As mentioned before you are doing a great job and well documented. Just thought I'd let you know that I used those sticky cable tie things once and had them peel off in no time. There's a fair bit of vibration that goes into those mounts from bouncing around and they just didn't last. I...
  9. indiedog

    My new trailer

    There is a LOT to be said for just buying and enjoying.
  10. indiedog

    My new trailer

    Hey? Wha?? Last I saw you had plans for building. Unless you changed the design and this is the result. 😉 But seriously, nice unit.
  11. indiedog

    New Trailer Fridge - First trip = Exploded beer cans??

    Something we don't need to contend with here is climbing in altitude much, so hadn't considered that as a possible factor. ;) You'd think though that if the cans were well packed they would have a better chance of surviving.
  12. indiedog

    New Trailer Fridge - First trip = Exploded beer cans??

    Well exploding beer is never good. :) I gather it wasn't frozen so yes, bouncing around the culprit. Of course your suspension will make a difference to how well things ride so worth checking that out. Just make sure you pack everything so it is not likely to move. If boxes etc are not full (say...
  13. indiedog

    Max Coupler Wearing Out

    The DO35 and all VC products I'm pretty sure are all made in Brisbane Australia (says so on their website). These are probably the most popular hitches in Australia for serious off-road capable hitches. Treg make a polyblock hitch in Adelaide but I'm pretty sure that design has been copied by...
  14. indiedog

    Sawtooth Unlimited - Off Road Pop Top Camper Trailer

    Really looking forward to seeing this come together, I know it's going to be awesome. :D
  15. indiedog

    No.5 1965 Australian Army Trailer

    Nice to know the history of your trailer Steve. Good find.
  16. indiedog

    Does the leaf spring shackle need to be in the rear?

    With the shackle on the front the wheel will want to move forward when you hit a bump and the spring compresses, so into the obstacle. The shackle at the rear allows the wheel to move up and back a little so it absorbs the impact better. Your eggs just may not arrive all in one piece. ;)
  17. indiedog

    Sawtooth XL Build

    Hey Dan, I hope you didn't use that 3M tape to secure any of those items on the outside. :D But seriously, she looks good. Be sure to post some "in use" shots.
  18. indiedog

    Off Grid Expedition build almost done

    Very nice looking unit sir. Love the color too. If the roof is 93" long then they must be pretty large tires, what size are they? It just doesn't look like the entire thing is that big so assuming the large (?) tires just make it look smaller. I suppose the floor has to be about 7' just to fit...