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    Diving in Head First!

    Ok that makes sense, sorry I missed that.
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    Going down the rabbit hole...Fuso build

    So I did the same thing, bought a rusted 2000 FG639 to rebuild just about a year ago. There are a ton of parts interchangeable between 1996 - 2004, encompassing the FE/FG 639/649 and some other variants like the FE640. I know this because this has been the source of parts for my project. I’m...
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    Diving in Head First!

    I'm going to lean for "correct" springs to get us safely on the road, thank you. Appreciate your input
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    Diving in Head First!

    Completely agree that it's best to get them last once the weight is finalized. I'm in the unique situation where the current suspension of the truck is gone, like front suspension sagging inverted gone. I've spent the last year fixing up an old FG639 (including front frame swap, I really...
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    Diving in Head First!

    @yabanja What were the front and rear weight numbers you used to spec out those Alcan springs? Your build is very similar to what I hope to accomplish. Cheers! Alfredo
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    Diving in Head First!

    This was a great thread to read, greatly appreciate all the time and effort you made for updating us Allan! We have identical trucks so I've taken studious notes of your findings. Perhaps I'll have a build thread too as well. I'm still working on getting my Fuso road worthy. Was an east...
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    During a build - containing costs

    Great topic! I too try to avoid the overland tax whenever possible. Facebook Marketplace and junkyards have been a gold mine of savings for my project.
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    Looking for opinions/comparisons of the various Japanese cabover 4x4s

    This is a phenomenal deal. The only time you really see these FGs with this kind of mileage is in the Northeast after the frames have completely rotten out. Fuso parts are still easily attainable here in the US. and my local dealership so far have all the parts I...
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    Trouble sourcing Fuso FG parts online

    I ended up purchasing the parts catalog from a super sketch site but it's been a goldmine of info. Being able to lookup part numbers and ordering from (they tend to be the cheapest online) has been helpful as I'm trying to put a 2000 FG639 back on the road. The parts...
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    Fuso Super Singles 6 Lug Seattle This is not my ad
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    The long slow FG build!

    Terrific content as always. Cheers!
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    2007 Mitsubishi Fuso FG 4X4 + A Liner Expedition $58k

    Right, is the site. Cheers
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    2007 Mitsubishi Fuso FG 4X4 + A Liner Expedition $58k

    Do you have a number or a website for the business? A google search for "Global Overland HQ" only brings up this thread. Cheers