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  1. Dr.Deol

    Random RIG Shots

    My vehicle with camping setup from India Mahindra Bolero 4wd Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. Dr.Deol

    Disco 2 #vanlife build

    Nice setup, can you post some more pics with details? Sent from my vivo 1601 using Tapatalk
  3. Dr.Deol

    Random RIG Shots

    Few clicks of my rig.. Pics are from a small offraod trail ,near chakrata,uttrakhand ,India.
  4. Dr.Deol

    Seattle to Alaska and back

    Nice trip story... Alaska is my dream place.... will do it one day in life... thanks for sharing beutifull pics... and yaa.. family shots are sweet...
  5. Dr.Deol

    Tour de Canada part deux

    I just read it from 1 st page.. awesm pics.. your are LIVING LIFE , KING SIZE .. ;) Keep us posted..
  6. Dr.Deol

    Manali Leh highway - Before the opening

    This is called some thing big for a snowride.. kindly post some more of your t-log here.. Nice to see you here bro.. ;)
  7. Dr.Deol

    Random RIG Shots

    Thank you sir.. its one of the most selling SUV in India.. actually its a old school jeep with hard top.. it have 2.5 L DI engine, 63 bhp 195 nm torque, manual transfer case, front solid dana 44 axle, and leaf springs in front and rear.. engine and transmission is very reliable ,thats why i...
  8. Dr.Deol

    Random RIG Shots

    Some pics of my mahindra's bolero 4wd .. Place-raja ji national park, uttrakhand , India.
  9. Dr.Deol

    Unimogadventures - Our build and travel thread

    Nice work Lain.. mog is really getting a good shape.. Its really sad to hear about Trish Wishing her a healthy recovery..
  10. Dr.Deol

    Hlw sir, I want to see the pics of your rear bumper amd wheel carrier. I wanna make something...

    Hlw sir, I want to see the pics of your rear bumper amd wheel carrier. I wanna make something like that. Can you post a link of pics here ,so i can see them. Regards Dr. Amit deol
  11. Dr.Deol

    Democratic Republic of Congo: Lubumbashi to Kinshasa

    hii.. It requires a lot of guts to do what you did. four day back, i read first few pages of your thread.. then i got addicted to your thread.. i cant explane my feelings after reading this trip report.. thank you for sharing it..