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    Front shocks ranch or bilstein?

    I can't remember the model they are the silver ones improve the ride a little bit but nothing too crazy the biggest Improvement I've had was trimming weights off of the front of the truck
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    For sale 4m50 Turbo

    Hope it's okay I'm posting this here I have a spare Turbo for a 2005 to 2007 4 m 50 It's the stock Turbo with less than 80000 kilometers on it Looking for $250 USD plus shipping and PayPal fees
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    2005 -2010 bumper end cap?

    Just seeing if any one has some bumper end caps they can sell me to for a 2006 fe180 front bumper. . Maybe some one that upgraded bumpers?
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    Front shocks ranch or bilstein?

    I ended up going bilstein, was cheaper and quicker and has to be a upgrade from monroe, I plan to hit the highway this weekend so I'll know then
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    Front shocks ranch or bilstein?

    Looking for front shocks for a fe180, found part numbers for bilstein 5100 or rancho rs9000, looking for opinions on which will give the smoothest ride? Truck is a pavement work truck not a off roader. Thanks
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    4d34 turbo advice needed

    I do think a 6cm td05h would be better value then a Td04hl.... I read a qoute once that changed my boosted life It's not how fast it spools, it's what happens when it spools! Think corky bell ?
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    4d34 turbo advice needed

    I think that's going to perform pretty good, only thing is that's the end of the line for performance upgrades in the td04hl size, so if you want more you have to upgrade to a td05h. From what I gather about the chinese turbos that you needs to take them apart, clean them really good and look...
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    4d34 turbo advice needed

    so I have been through a few turbos on my 4m50 4.9 truck. Started off with a 6.5cm td04hl-15t. It spooled quick but I believe it was to restrictive and not enough cfm output, 15 psi or 20 felt the exact same, actually pulled a bit harder at 15psi. then I installed a 8cm td05h evo3 16g...
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    2006 fuso fe180 front shock advice

    Hey guys looking for some advice or help on upgrading my terribly harsh front suspension in my 2wd fuso fe180. Its factory springs with some cheap monroe front shocks that I think are making the problem much wurse. I have just installed timbren front bump stops and seems to have made the...
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    Timbren front bump stops

    Awesome guys I think I'll try a set, I have minimal travel to the bump stops and it feels like I am always hitting them when I get to much weight on the front...or just to big of frost heaves
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    Timbren front bump stops

    My truck is actually a 2wd and it's a work truck. My complaint is when it's loaded heavy, the front springs grey pretty close to the bump stops making a pretty terrible ride. So since these are designed to be "bottomed out" all the time, would I loss the harsh bottoming feel? Or is it more...
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    Timbren front bump stops Any one have experience with these to smooth out a fairly heavily loaded truck in the front?
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    Fuso key blank

    I have a 06 fe and lock Smith found a common hyundai key that works great
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    Performance chip

    Care to expand on this, very interested
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    anyone have a copy of the FUSO electronic parts catalog (the EPC)?

    I would love a parts catalog for my fuso, I am very un computer savy though
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    05-07 4m50 egr blocking plates

    Just a update I still have a few kits left, let me know, easiest to e mail me at
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    FG649 down on power, slow

    I would take the waste gate right off and wire it shut to rule it out, also I would take the turbo outlet hose off and make sure the turbo spins freely, and no damage to the compressor wheel. Also I think you need to do a compression test, maybe valves are sticking open and need a adjustment
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    Well I broke it, in Canada

    Drove from Alberta to Alaska many times, there are some wild frost heaves up there, glad things are ok though, let me know if you need anything, down in Alberta. But could help on your war back
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    4m50 turbo upgrade v2

    Yes they are the ultimate, but very expensive, need more maintenance and seem problematic. But they do work awesome when they are working