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    Pros and cons of Rear dinette/bed vs front dinette/bed????

    we found that a rear bed overhanging the rear wheels in a low-spec rented camper amplified every rocking movement with the wind and as you toss and turn in bed. Heavier vehicles we've had with jacks that has not been such an issue....
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    Hybrid or Gas for full-time camper? MPG guesses?

    i would expect the hybrid to be a heavier vehicle so have less payload, and as someone who has built on a smaller truck (Ranger) weight is everything
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    Vehicle laws and restrictions: EU, Uk and neighboring areas

    contrary to previous posts EU countries are NOT consistent with what they require visiting vehicles from other countries to carry and be equipped with - France has new rules on blind spot (angles morts) stickers for vehicles over 3500kg, Spain requires nationality stickers separate to those on...
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    3D Printing Success Story

    what material was used?
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    Layout dilemma....

    instead of rigid cabinets why not use something like cargo nets that are more tapered from the tops of the windows to the ceiling? its always useful to have space to stuff lightweight things in.
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    Hands on, or end result?

    outsource jobs that i don't have the equipment for, like heavy duty welding, but everything else i do myself. The more you build it yourself, there better your chances of keeping it working and maintaining it on the road, even if you are having to supervise others
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    Yet Another Camper Homebuild Thread

    they are pultruded fibreglass beams made by a UK company, glued and bolted together with home made fibreglass cleats. Where aluminium profile would be extruded by pushing the material through a shaped die with huge pressure, these are made by pulling thousands of glass fibre threads through a...
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    Why not use steel walls?

    or just buy a panel van - most of those are steel.....
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    Yet Another Camper Homebuild Thread

    Glad you are finding it useful my shell is 2160 wide 2220 high 4775 total length of which 815 rear overhang 2020 + 100 cab over - the base is 2020 to allow full size european mattresses, then the curve is 100mm deep at its most forward point the weight of the ford as parked at the kerbside...
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    Composite Interior Wall Panels

    the infill is just a piece of polystyrene foam i had lying around to demonstrate. For the real ones i used a type of polyurethane foam as its not affected by the vinylester resin i was using (stronger than polyester) My subframe was made up from pultruded beams as the bending loads were along...
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    Composite Interior Wall Panels

    sorry, i was away for a few days here's a dummy up using a piece of angle steel as a mould - if you use aluminium angle make sure the internal corner radius is smoothed out so you aren't trying to force the fibreglass into too tight a fold. The woven fabric gives max strength around the fold...
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    Carbon Fibre Foam Sandwich Sheets

    Personally i wouldn't swap internal plywood for anything as it is so strong to screw into and can so easily be patched and repaired if you change and evolve your internal layout over time and with use, but.... the provider of my fibreglass/foam panels used a specific foam called tancast in...
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    1120 AF Build in Norway

    rear facing - that size of step facing out from the camper will become an obstacle that you are always having to walk around, especially if you have an awning on that side, plus you can use the side of the camper to steady yourself rather than needing a handrail on the steps
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    Indel TB DC polarity

    positive goes to the fuse
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    Beginning my Nidaplast honeycomb panel build

    that is putting an awful lot of load on the wing roots - if you can brace them at all against the tub sides at all without stopping you sliding it in every little will help what are your plans for the front and back walls? they can add a lot of strength and act to support the side walls...
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    Looking for some confirmation - Suzuki DRZ-400?

    Lots of useful information here that i won't bother repeating, but a couple of other considerations. If you are new to riding bikes it will take you a while to find your own riding style - do you want to keep the engine buzzing in a power band and stirring the gearbox, or be a bit more relaxed...
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    Yet Another Camper Homebuild Thread

    So, Ford brochure figures are complete lies and the truck has a payload of 1000kgs, which gives me some serious and possibly expensive decisions to make. On the camper i can save a few kilos remaking the floor and kitchen countertop with lighter materials when I can get them. I could strip out...
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    Yet Another Camper Homebuild Thread

    thanks adhesive was just locally sourced Bostik contact cement brushed on - i did check a few pieces first to make sure it didnt melt the PVC
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    Yet Another Camper Homebuild Thread

    Thanks - perfect timing with a couple of questions as I was about to post an update.... Due to the ongoing travel restrictions in Europe we have decided to give up on hopes of touring anywhere in the camper this summer, and have relocated 400kms down the Spanish coast for the next year -...
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    Paper or plastic, or something else?

    hated washing up plastic- switched to Corning Corelle a few years back. Lightweight, very tough (but not unbreakable) and doesn't suck the heat out of the food like metal....happy to use the same set every day in both rented accommodation and camper as we alternate between locations