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    How many of you ACTUALLY overland with your 80s or 60s

    My '96 (built, locked, etc.) 80 Series is my daily driver. Well, when I'm not driving my '47 Packard...
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    Cummins British Military Expedition Truck

    Here in rural AZ, no inspections required, emissions-wise. You could run a truck on COAL, and no problemo...
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    2001 Ford Chinook Concourse 4x4

    We've got a '94 4x4 Chinook E-350 (before the company started building them). Very rough ride offroad but nice inside.
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    1941 Chev Troop Carrier with camper 4x4

    Probably attract more 80-year-old truck nuts...
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    California - Importing and Obtaining Title/Licensing for Expedition Vehicle - RV - MotorHome

    DON'T DO IT! Bringing any out-of-state vehicle into CA is likely going to be a nightmare. I believe DMV is now booking appointments for 2047...
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    Handmade Leather Boots for Overlanding / Hiking / Etc.?

    People on hand crews hike A LOT, in often very rough terrain, and the ultimate hand crew boot is the White's Smokejumper. Rebuildable, very well-constructed, UL, OSHA, and NFPA approved for fire proximity use. I find them to be very comfortable, even if you're just sitting on your couch WATCHING...
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    USE CARE WHEN OPERATING A PILLAR (INGRESS?EGRESS) HANDLES(!) They look sturdy but put a lot of weight on them and pull hard - the grips are only pot metal and will delaminate (break). Never wiggle them back and forth - delamination will occur. If you don't touch them at all, ever - they should...
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    Let's see Utah

    You guys should come back in spring (as soon as it stops snowing) and spend the summer out here. It gets a bit toasty in Moab but you merely have to drive up to Telluride or Ouray, and the weather's perfect (if it doesn't snow). There's a nifty back way to get over to Capitol Reef and...
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    Southwest by Southwest Arizona - 2022 Year-End Trip

    I'm hoping you've gotten to spend some time in Ajo. A great little town (moreso in winter than summer) with interesting people and good coffee, AND it's just a short drive from Why! (Why not?)
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    Off Grid? Luxury!

    I used to go out with Juliette Balcony back in the day. She was blonde then...
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    Hey Moderators... Rules??

    And the input from some longtime members is: we want this ******** to stop. If this platform is going to turn into an ad space for anybody new to the group to try and pimp an overland rig for way out of line money, that needs to stop right now. If the "managers" don't care to hear that, perhaps they...
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    High mileage and trips

    Yes, but YOU won't have to fix it.
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    High mileage and trips

    If you don't want to worry about any mechanical issues, you could always take Greyhound. Or hitchhike...
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    1993 Land Rover Defender Overland Ready

    Boy, is that cool! You could raise a whole family of... penguins, or something, in there. GLWS.
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    *Off market* 2006 Ford E350 4x4 w/ manual transmission

    I've seen this - in AZ, I believe - and it looked really nice. You could sell your kids, and keep the van. OK, maybe not...