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    Cargo boxes

    just curios if anyone had done it or had a picture.
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    Cargo boxes

    Mpg i understand. don't think the height would be anymore of a problem than some of the plastic boxes is see up there. weight would be lighter than most of them. would be thru bolted to the crossbars so it's surely not moving forward.
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    Cargo boxes
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    Cargo boxes

    Anybody running aluminum diamond plate cargo/tool boxes on top. I'm thinking of picking one of the shallow narrow ones to mount on my truck topper. UWS makes one 58" long by 18" wide. only about 11" tall. it shouldn't be too much of a wind block.
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    For sale: Kamp Rite EZ Prep Table

    what part of NC. i'm in greenville.
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    Full Size Truck Toppers/Camper Shells

    I agree on the used route. i've got 400 in my ARE topper, 700 in my topper ezlift, 400 in my Ironman 4x4 awning including the room add on and around 200 in my tracks, crossbars and rod holders/snow board racks. Now to start on my bed system.
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    More ponderings on a truck shell camper. AC in a hi top?

    I love my topper ez lift with the weekender package. If your just looking for the tailgate extensions. they have the nomad package. that encloses the talegate.
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    SOLD: ROAM Boxes 95L - Tacoma, WA

    darn shame we're on opposite coasts. id take it.
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    Beach Truck gets an awning.

    added an ironman 4x4 2.5 awning to the truck yesterday. turned the L brackets down. sticks out a little but easier to reach. probably adding a rack beside it and my rod holders next. how's everyone mounting their's to the topper?
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    SOLD: 8' Awning and Awning Room

    interested also. im in nc.
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    An ECOBOOST Family Overland F-150 FX4

    how wide are your cross bars on the topper. looking at adding a set to mine.
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    An ECOBOOST Family Overland F-150 FX4

    Nice truck. Like the red. I looked hard for a red one but none available with 6.5 bed. Had to settle for white. I recently added my shell set up and a little something extra Topper EZ Lift. 1st topper i've ever added. love it so far. I can stay loaded for spur of the moment trips.
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    2020 F150 "BAWG Build"

    snatched mine off too. then added a front receiver hitch. Darn thing mounts so low on these new f150s.
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    2020 F150 "BAWG Build"

    Loving your truck. waiting to see whats next. Looks familiar. I'm running a white 19 6.5 bed super crew too. Found a cheap topper. ridiculous what you can buy a year old used one for compared to new. 400 for mine left me money for my EZ topper lift. Too old and fat for ladders.
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    Ford Fullsize Thread !!!!

    Thanks. They don't fit cleanly at all. Unless your driving straight, no sharp curves and no backing up. LOL. I went way to aggressive in size and offset. Scrubs bad. I've got to address that soon. I love the look and I've never been called practical.
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    Ford Fullsize Thread !!!!

    35x12.50x17 BFG KO2 Topper is an ARE.
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    INTRODUCING THE GOAT SHELL!!! A lightweight hard sided popup up camper shell.

    I currently run an ARE with a topper ez lift. i would be interested in a hard sided topper that would allow full standing height.
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    Ford Fullsize Thread !!!!

    love the bike rack. what kind of weight are you carrying? no problems with the swing out while the bike is loaded?
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    Lets see some full size pictures...

    I have not been overall impressed with the Topper EZ Lift. I think it is a great idea that feels like execution never progressed past beta testing. It would have been more helpful if they provided more pre-purchase insights; for example, they could let people know that the flange of the topper...