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  1. 84-4runner

    Backyard's M416 Overland Trailer build!

    Your way I come up with 33 1/8 I came up with 34 3/4 from the center to center of the mount holes which could vary a simge and 18 inches outside to outside on the rear spacing it is a little muddy and will be power washed
  2. 84-4runner

    Backyard's M416 Overland Trailer build!

    Ok I got rid of the albatross in the trailer and can now move it around. If you can show me on a diagram or picture of the measurements that you need I should be able to get them for you. I don't see the cross members being moved unless the long side to side tabs underneath are cut off. I will...
  3. 84-4runner

    Backyard's M416 Overland Trailer build!

    waiting for a tongue kit, which is back ordered. So I can get rid of a giant ass compressor that is in the bed. I will be pulling the bed off to do some stuff. If you have haven't heard anything by then I will be able to help you. If anyone wants really cheap let me know.
  4. 84-4runner

    Lets see your "Duckboards"!

    I am guessing it the thingie you use to keep your feet clean when you change socks/shoes or take a shower.
  5. 84-4runner


    like your lid if you built it do you have some pictures of it being built to share for ideas for the rest of us???
  6. 84-4runner

    How to tell a M416 from a M416A1

    thanks for all the info I should be able to tell when I crawl under it.
  7. 84-4runner

    How to tell a M416 from a M416A1

    the surge brake thingie is missing, since they put a 2 inch hitch on it, but I will see if there are hydraulic lines going to the backing plates. The bearing covers seem to be larger that about 1.75 but I will check. Thanks for the advise this gives me something to check. They painted over the...
  8. 84-4runner

    How to tell a M416 from a M416A1

    I just bought a M416 trailer and am trying to figure out if it is a M416 or a M416A1. It has loops front and rear. But it appears to have large dust covers on the wheel bearings. The anti-surge part is missing so is there a way to tell. I am asking this since the M416A1 is supposed to use...
  9. 84-4runner

    Custom M416 Style Build

    I like it, but the big questions are what part of the country and how much?
  10. 84-4runner

    FS rack for a overland trailer (utility type)

    Have a rack 51 x 83 1/2 inches is adjustable and comes with gas struts made from ll gauge ( .120 thick steel tubing ) . Had it on another trailer and removed it and bought $450 worth of steel and stuff. Now I figured out how to make it do what I wanted, for maybe $40. Anyway my screw up is...
  11. 84-4runner

    FS tepui Kukenam 4 Ruggedized

    Price $1,250 just over an hour from expo west impress the girl/boyfriend with a nice day trip away from the heat up 87, breakfast at Christoper Creek then to Holbrook to pick up I-40 to Winslow (30 miles) to Stand on the Corner stop at Jack Rabbit on Route 66 to ride the Rabbit then lunch...
  12. 84-4runner

    FS tepui Kukenam 4 Ruggedized

    bump price drop $1,300
  13. 84-4runner

    FS tepui Kukenam 4 Ruggedized

    a Tepui Kukenam 4 Ruggedized CONTACT ME FOR A MEET Two built-in screened SKY panels which allow for a great view of the stars and surrounding trees when the rainfly is removed Diamond Plate Base 360g DUAL STITCHED FRABRIC (40% HEAVIER THAN STANDARD MODELS) Anti-condensation mat (1/2")...
  14. 84-4runner

    Do we really need a spare?

    Better to have one and not need it than need one and not have one. Here in north AZ two guys on a four wheeler the guy in back hold a flat tire. 50 miles of dirt road to the pavement then 20 more miles to a place that fixes flats. BUT closed on sundays. Of course it was winter. You can...
  15. 84-4runner

    Post Pic's of your Jeep

    a high school, and then college friend and I at a pit stop at Crown King on the way out the back side and on to the AZ peace trail. Each with his jeep
  16. 84-4runner

    trying to work out how to Jeep camp with my 5 year old and 8 month old

    any kind of small utility trailer will work. 5x8 gives too much room. But the Dinoot website shows multiple ways to customize a utility trailer with RTTs, racks for kayaks boats anything your heart desires. Since you weld it would be a breeze and cheap. Here in AZ everyone sells utility...
  17. 84-4runner

    Telescoping Tent Trailer Rack with Scissor Jack Lift

    I also would love to see where you put the jack to jackup the RTT. It it on the cooler or a box?