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    EarthCruiser GZL 400

    I received an answer the bed extension is not removable it is fiberglassed in place.
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    EarthCruiser GZL 400

    Is the bed extension removable? Depending on the truck you mount it on?
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    2 Remaining GZL pop-up campers, 2019 GZL coming soon!

    I second a fixed height also Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
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    2012 Phoenix Pop Up Fully Self Contained For Sale

    Is this still for sale? Do you have any current photos of the camper, including interior photos?
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    New Alucab Camper?

    It was be nice to have some optional side boxes for a flatbed mount.
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    show us your truck bed trailers

    I built the original frame for this trailer.
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    Seeking information on import-sized Bigfoot and Northern Lite campers

    I have wondered on the dimensions of the Northern Lite 6'-11" and thought if you could section out 1'-3" From behind the cab slide the camper forward and have a larger over hang and fiberglass it back in to it a 5'-8" bed.
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    Flat bed camper for sale

    A DIY kit would be awesome I have been contemplating building a slide in but the time required to source all the necessary parts and trying to figure out what works and what doesn't is keeping me from building. A "ONE STOP" shopping experience for a shell is very compelling. I would rather...
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    It might be ridiculous! But can I cut 17 inches off my Palomino Truck Camper Pop-up?

    My co worker removed about 17" from the front of his camper so he end up with a longer cantilever over the cab and did not have to screw around with the roof.
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    Wall Tent Stove Vent Pipe

    I bought a outfitters stove "hunter” model, It has a 4" vent pipe would I be better off stepping up to a 5" pipe? Has anyone used the Type B gas double wall vent pipe at home depot for their stove?
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    Toyota Trailer

    Glad you are happy with it. Keep us updated in this thread on what you do to it. I know Im going to regret selling it. Here is what it look like when 2FJS bought it.
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    Toyota Trailer

    Acutually I sold the Trailer on Wednesday
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    Toyota Expedition Trailer - SOLD

    SOLD to 2FJS Sold
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    Toyota Expedition Trailer - SOLD

    I could possibly get the trailer to Vegas, Albuqurque, Cheyenne and probably Kansas City.
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    Toyota Expedition Trailer - SOLD

    More Photos Added More Photos Added
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    Toyota Expedition Trailer - SOLD

    Yes I did all the work. I always get lots of complements when Im pulling it around. PM me if you would like to take a look at it.
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    Toyota Expedition Trailer - SOLD

    The trailer is available the previous buyer backed out due to high shipping costs.
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    Toyota Expedition Trailer - SOLD

    The bed is a 5'-0"x'6-0". The trailer is SOLD pending payment/shipping. I will repost if it becomes available.
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    Toyota Expedition Trailer - SOLD

    265/70-17 = 31.61" x 10.43" The trailer is located near Denver Colorado